Pushkar’s stunning performances steal spotlights for a coffee invite at International umpire’s house

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Its always a great feeling to be at the receiving end of something special. Ain’t it ?

Such was the scenario after Kenyan batter, Pushkar Sharma hit his 4th ton at the Nairobi Provincial tournament. He was invited for a coffee where renowned personalities from the cricket field lit up the atmosphere.

The photo shows from Right – Mansukh Hirani(Ruraka Sports Club Official/Team Manager/Cricketer), P. Sharma(Ruaraka Sports Club) Kaushik Prajapati (Kenya International Cricket Umpire)
From left – Subhash Modi Former International Cricket Umpire, CH Shah Veteran Cricketer, Sandip Shah Former Vice Chairman of Nairobi Gymkhana and Asghar Kassam (Kenya International Cricket Umpire).

The hub consisted of personalities like, Mansukh Hirani (Ruaraka Sports Club Official/Team Manager/Cricketer), Kaushik Prajapati (Kenya International Cricket Umpire), Subhash Modi (Former International Cricket Umpire), CH Shah (Veteran Cricketer), Sandip Shah (Former Vice Chairman of Nairobi Gymkhana) and Asghar Kassam (Kenya International Cricket Umpire.

Pushkar was heard saying, “Today, I was privileged to be invited by Former International Cricket Umpire, Mr Subhash Modi for a Coffee.
I am very thankful for his kind gestures. I got to learn a lot of things from the experience bunch of people present there.

I’m really eager to know more about kenyan cricket. So, these learnings will help me in preparing myself and I shall try my best to apply them in my life.
Who said age matter’s. Its just a number and I was the youngest one in that hub.
They saw that I’ve tonged 4 centuries recently and thereby invited me for a coffee. It’s really heart warming and motivating for someone like me.”


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