Learn the joys of table tennis with Adhiraj Kapoor

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With a growing improvement marked by its recent Olympic performance, India is a country that plays a lot of sports. However, cricket, football, and badminton are some of the favorites, hence hogging the spotlight. So, for an enthusiast who wants to stay outside the box and learn a new sport, it can be difficult to find the proper setup to encourage this budding passion.

Table tennis is one such sport that is often overlooked, especially in a professional setting. While easy enough to play both in terms of equipment required and learning the game’s actual rules, there are not many Institutions that provide coaching for it. Neither can you play it with an unskilled partner nor an inappropriate environment. However, Adhiraj Kapoor, a national-level table tennis player, has taken up this challenge and has given the children at an orphanage the opportunity to learn the joy of the sport. The event, which was held over 3 months, resulted from an extremely kind initiative from Adhiraj Kapoor’s side, where he donated over 15000 rupees along with table tennis tables, balls, and rackets. Classes were held every weekend at the TB center of Delhi where he taught them how to play and enjoy the sport. Adhiraj Kapoor even extended his hospitality by providing refreshments in chips and Juice to invigorate his newfound students after a day of hard work.

When asked about his motivation behind this tedious and costly venture, Adhiraj Kapoor brushed it all off, saying that it was all worth it if you could make a difference in even one person’s life and show them the beauty of the sport. “I wanted to make it more realistic and educate people how much fun it is to play the sport in real life. Because of this, I decided to pursue the sport as a professional and teach others how to do it as well”, Adhiraj Kapoor added. However, considering the recent pandemic, achieving this goal has not been the easiest task. While Adhiraj Kapoor was lined up to play at a national level, representing Delhi, the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has put a halt on his path to success, robbing him of the chance to prove his mettle in the under 19 championships.

Despite several other such hurdles, Adhiraj Kapoor always stays motivated and is content to keep pursuing table tennis if he could only inspire other youths to pick up this fun and engaging game. If you want to be a part of his growing brigade of table tennis enthusiasts, connect with Adhiraj Kapoor on his social media profiles linked below:

Instagram – @pingpong_youth

WhatsApp – 9999072466

Email –


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