Social Contribution At It’s Finest From Srimaan Ramachandra Raja, The Founder Of Shree Welfare Foundation

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Whenever someone talks about politics, we are reminded of so many incidents that begin from our independence, slowly channelling down to the present day scenario.

What is the present day scenario to be exact? Recently, we have observed a lot of turmoil in the political world, with so many majority parties fighting against one another an actually bringing up on a lot of distress to common people and citizens of India too. We are in desperate need of true political leaders who are not actually corrupt, and are truly thinking about everyone instead of thinking about only how they’re going to fill their own pockets with the taxpayers money. One such person who is worth the mention here is Srimaan Ramachandra Raja. 

Srimaan Ramachandra Raja was born on 22nd February, in a town called rajapalayam, which is located in the valleys of western ghats. Living in the capital city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, if there is something that Srimaan Ramachandra Raja had learned from his childhood and teenage years it is that true moral values are going to get you very far away in life, that is the only correct way of being successful especially if you are a politician.

Obviously, politicians have a lot of things to worry about and the job is overburdening once in a while, with so many people to look after and coordinate the activities in the day to day functioning. However, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja is never exhausted, he loves his political leadership tasks because he enjoys doing them all and providing for the people. After all, this position is meant to serve others and not to fill ones own pockets.

In fact, it was out of his quality that he contributed to the establishment of Shree Welfare Foundation. Srimaan Ramachandra Raja is currently the chairman of Shree Welfare Foundation, and with the help of all the resources he has available, he has provided for food packets, rations and also immunity boosters for over 1500 people in his area since the beginning of the pandemic. Always promoting sanitary safety and looking after the women and children come up promoting small businesses, arranging for means of education and also employment opportunities, people look up to Srimaan Ramachandra Raja for whatever needs they have since they find him to be a true ally who refuses to leave their side even in the most difficult situations.

With a lot more to do in the future, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja has certainly earned the position of a high ranking Congress man. Another profound achievement in his life has been being invited by the retired looks upper joint secretary in many parliamentary sessions. An experience like this is going to give him with valuable knowledge on how to actually govern. 

With the firm plan in mind, and the concerns of citizens in his heart, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja is add advancing in his political career.


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