Dhruv Jatti, Congress’s Next-Gen politician from Bagalkot district’s North Karnataka.

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The 22-year-old Dhruv Jatti belongs to the age-old Jatti Political Family. His great grandfather Shri. BD Jatti – a veteran congress leader and the pride of Kannadigas for holding the Vice President of India Post. Dhruv holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Affairs from Jindal School of International Affairs. He has a vast knowledge of foreign affairs and international polity.

Dhruv is a young leader who has portrayed his skills of public engagement by helping society actively. He started his journey while helping over 71,500 migrants in the year 2020. In 2021, he slowly became a popular face nationally when he began voicing the opinions of students during the COVID19 Crisis. He spoke vastly on the digital divide for rural students who were struggling to get any education amidst the pandemic. Dhruv more than a politician is a humanitarian by nature. He runs two NGOs – Bangalore Student Community & Jatti Foundation. In the year 2021, when the Government of Karnataka was caught in the frenzy of a renting of beds scam- Dhruv’s NGOs were the first to donate beds to the government. In the same year, Dhruv went on to generously vaccinate 2,000 people for free in his constituency – Bagalkot in North Karnataka. He also provided relief kits for victims of the 2021 floods in North Karnataka.

Jatti, following the footsteps of his great grandfather, believes in three things: The teachings of Guru Basaveshwara, Social Service, and Development oriented politics that will benefit the people. His mindset is different from traditional politicians. He is a staunch follower of “realpolitik” who places practical thinking over ideology and traditional thought.

In the round-up to 2024, Dhruv aims to work on following the blueprint of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals in order to improve the quality of life for the people of Bagalkot District. His philanthropic activities since 2020 have aided over Two Lakh beneficiaries. Dhruv as a student leader is working on helping students and assisting government schools and colleges in North Karnataka.

Often said that Dhruv has a vision for the future of India, he believes that moving forward the country requires massive revolutionary changes to equip a sustainable future for generations to come. He is turning out to be a great alternative for the Congress party’s Youth talent hunt. Considering his family profile, and his capabilities of connecting with the public at such a young age, he stands a great chance to grow quickly up the ladder against other youth politicians who have a tarnished image amongst the public.


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