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Stylodrunhere: A Rising Artist, vlogger, Musical artist and Determined Digital Marketer

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Stylodrunhere, a rising sensation in the arena of art and technology, hails from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The young mind of Stylodrunhere, originally called Nikhil Singh, is a music artist, vlogger, digital marketer, and Internet personality who is best known as an all-rounder rather than just a musician.

The artist has always been fascinated by Indian music since his childhood. Later, he decided to work on his fascination and take it to a professional level. Hence, at the very young age of 12, he started his music and digital marketing career.

The goal of every individual today is to become successful. Not only do people want a name, but they also want fame. However, Stylodrunhere began his career as a singer and musician in order to find success in life. Because, according to Stylodrunhere, you should keep giving your best to your work, and the fame will automatically follow.

He is currently a social influencer who has risen above all obstacles and established himself as a known and respected figure. Through web-based social networking systems, he has gained a large following. His involvement on such platforms as Instagram proves to be quite advantageous for him. The middle-class family, however, did not readily accept these things. Therefore, his parents refused to accept them. According to them, artists cannot get a stable life since they can’t pay their bills. However, Stylodrunhere decided that he would not give up.

At a very young age, Akash Noatia chose to make music his career and passion by writing short albums and raps. In spite of being a complete novice, he slowly builds up his knowledge and discovers a lot of artists along the way. Ahead of his debut, he is now prepared to give the world a taste of his talent.

As a result of his hard work and dedication, he has today made a name for himself all over India. Nikhil Singh, aka Stylodrunhere, has also been doing extension marketing for a while and has his own marketing agency, DRUNNETWORK. In his opinion, marketing is really hard, and you have to be constantly learning new things in order to stay current.

Stylodrunhere was still the youngest when he started to work as a digital marketer, creator of content, and do many other things without thinking of age as a barrier. In addition to being a digital entrepreneur, digital marketer, and musician, he is also a social media influencer. The business has seen significant growth. During his early years, he developed an interest in digital marketing and started showing creativity in the social media section.

He is featured in most of the press; he is popular on search engines like Google, US Time Now, and Microsoft Bing. As Stylodrunhere, Nikhil Singh continues to work in his field. He believes that every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and become a better person.

Today’s generation can certainly learn from him. Those who strive to succeed in their careers and want to stay inspired must follow people like him. You can follow him on major social media platforms such as InstagramYouTube and,Facebook of course, Facebook.


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