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  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am Madhurima from Hyderabad, India. I am an educator and artist and now I see myself as a writer a dream which happened to have come true with wonderful support from readers and prestigious writing communities. 

  1. What inspired you to take up writing?

Honestly, I need a good listener which is why I started venting my emotions through writing. There were times I couldn’t handle myself. Been suffering from chronic anxiety and panic attacks one can imagine how difficult it gets to stand the sight of me. I don’t have much social circle either that doesn’t mean I am an introvert (laughs). I love going out, watch movies and do all the fun but somethings I usually don’t share with people at that moment writing became like a therapy. The tool which started like a hobby eventually turned into passion. The more I dived into the technicalities of writing, it even fascinated me. Like, poetry, short stories and tales are definitely the world I feel safe to reside. Apparently, what even astonished me is the way how youngsters are glued to literary art which I witnessed the rabid crowd cheering for poetry and storytelling during open mic events. That’s when I realized this is where I belong the moment I received love from zillions. 

  1. What is your take on plagiarism in the writing community? Any suggestions on how writers can safeguard themselves from such practices?

Plagiarism kills the writer inside you. And it’s definitely like a crime if you steal someone’s work. Imagine how much of effort a writer is putting to knit  a whole book. I do relate to the contribution of blood and sweat writers make to craft a book in a way where readers ultimately shed their emotions while diving through the details of narration. So, plagiarizing is wrong probably that happens when ideas are lacking or in the process of desperately attaining recognition amongst the writers. Here’s the only suggestion I give to writers is that to read and write and this should be like a loop. Back when I was introduced to writing, I used to maintain a book to jot down spontaneous ideas when popped up my head. The realistic ideas we can get only through experiences which we own or by others. Constantly keep learning and train yourselves to be natural. 

  1. Which is your favorite genre to write on?

Romance is my most favorite genre. I believe, love these days been taken for granted. Gone those days when people would compromise for silly bickering presuming it to be temporary. Ego is sealing like a giant wall these days crushing the empathy. Hence my poems and stories reflect a lot about love. 

  1. Tell us a bit about your writing journey so far.

It has been wonderful. I did started writing in my early teens when I was triggered by anxiety. I had terrible anger issues and even harmed myself which made everyone disturbed. Writing has then come like a rescue and I can even safely admit that writing helps me to gain clear conscience.

  1. What according to you is your best literary work till date?

Well, I don’t consider myself as a best writer so far cause I am still learning. But the journey of exploring the art of poetry is remarkable and my first books “Musings on life” will always be a memorable one which I am going to cherish it for lifetime. The book comprises of poems related to lives of everyone in the society connecting the souls of children to elders. 

  1. What are your upcoming projects in the literary field?

I am currently working on two novels right now based on love stories. Looking forward to its best execution. And these novels will even have illustrations as an artist for myself I would present the best experience to readers. The interesting fact about my novel is that make protagonist is inspired from Naveen Polishetty (a South actor). The story is set between a film actor and an aspiring writer. How their relationship emerges  and the twists they go through is what the narration will take place. Certainly, don’t want to spill anymore beans (laughs) 

  1. Who is your favorite writer? What would you do if you get to spend a day with your favorite writer?

RK Narayan, Megha Rao and Preeti Shenoy are my all time favorite authors. Of these three I would desperately wish to meet RK Narayan and go to Malgudi, have a cup of coffee while immersing in conversation about childhood days, culture and definitely about food. 

  1. How does it feel to be an award winner for your amazing work?

I am overwhelmed. You guys thank you so much. I never thought I could make it this far but it did happen anyway for this I give my credits to Elite Book awards and to wonderful readers for cheering me up to not give up on race. 

  1.  What would be your two-line advice to upcoming writers?

Dream high. And be unstoppable. Never stop doing what you love most by others opinions. Always trust your gut feel and take a pride in your vibe


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