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How Irfan Attari Kashmiri turned the youngest awarded Social Activist of Kashmir?

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“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” 

Irfan Attari Kashmiri, the youngest awarded Social Activist of the valley, Chairman Youth For drug free Kashmir ,Kashmir Youth web (Largest Youth based organization in Kashmir) writer, speaker and debater is giving identity to the unidentified artists of Kashmir valley, contradicting the human psychology of egotism. Mr. Attari’s age in comparison to his aspirations and ambitions is exiguous. He is an alive messiah to the deculturation of his valley as it is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Having a good hold on cyber Security, irfan Attari is providing cyber security help to hundreds of people. Awareness rewarding cyber harassments, cyber scams, cyber frauds and cyber hygiene like topics are most seen to be touched in Irfan’s recent work.

Irfan Attari has received Young Achievers Award 2021 felicitated by LG Kashmir, Manoj Sinha.

Besides Attari has been awarded by Lt. General B.S Raju for his commendable work during Covid times. 

Currently Irfan is working effortlessly in the field of journalism and proving his skills. 

The youth received a lot of help from this non-political organization Kashmir Youth For Drug Free Kashmir, Kashmir Youth Web which is founded by Irfan Attari. This  is a non-profit public benefit organization and the first youth based organization in the history of Kashmir that has represented the talent and the problems of Kashmir on international level and also that empowers youth and adults equally. All the necessary facts are provided and worked upon to encourage the talents of the valley. They work on the social issues and carry out informative events and programs in the Kashmir Valley. 

Irfan along with the other members is working on fields but keeping the anti-drug campaign as his priority. “The motive of our organization is to eradicate the social evils from our valley and the biggest of the all is the drug addiction. We believe it is the chain cuffing the youth from pursuing their real dreams”, Irfan said. Youth For Drug Free Kashmir  is internationally linked with Foundation For  Drug Free World and for their aims they have started the distribution of about 1 lakh books regarding the research of drugs (2021) out of which 10,000 books have already distributed in the districts of Srinagar and Budgam. “We’re ready for the door to door campaigning of our books and by this our aim will be to make the Kashmir valley peaceful and fruitful”, chairman added. 

“Besides drugs our focus will get on to the unseen and unknown artists of the Valley who’ve worked for the long in their fields. We’ll work to provide them the platforms they deserve, nationally and internationally as well”   

My only goal is to make our Kashmir drug free

My Team is Dedicated For Crusade Against Drug abuse 

My main aim as always has been to create a sense of awareness among the youth. Teenage is the most crucial and sensitive age where one breaks emotionally and needs some kind of support. Due to lack of maturity and sensibility,  they opt other ways out of which the main focus drags on drugs. 

Kashmir youth web & Foundation For Drug Free Kashmir is an organisation which emphasizes on the social causes, issues, events/ programmes in the Kashmir valley. The main motto behind the Organisation is to provide benefits to the people and make society free from numerous social evils pertaining within it. We the team of Kashmir youth web & Youth For Drug Free Kashmir comprises of youth whose intention is to make their society a better and peaceful place to do well by working on the number of social issues and tend to be supported by their society so that they can work with efficiency. Our Main motives and Objectives is to establish rehabilitation centres for the Drug Addicts /Smokers etc & Organise workshops/seminars for preventive education on serious effects of Drug Abuse. We have started an initiative for a Drug Free Kashmir and are Continuously working to eliminate this Menace from Our Society. From the Past few years there has been an Alarming Rise in the Consumption of Narcotic Substances Among Youth of Kashmir. Here at kashmir youth Web & Youth For Drug Free Kashmir  we do many activities to spread awareness. We distribute Truth About Drugs Booklets, give introductory lectures in organisations, schools and colleges, invite the management and teachers to implement the Truth About Drugs Education program.  There is a need to create Awareness among Those who are About to Get into Drugs and Specially to those who already a victim of this. In view of all the present situation their basic Aim is to Help those who have become a Part of this Drug Addict Society by Providing them proper counselling and Making them aware about the Hazardous effects of Drugs. They encourage everyone to volunteer their skill, time, resources and connections with them to spread the truth to children and youth. 


Drug-Free World is a 100% non-profit project.

We educate public, especially youth, on the harmful effects of drugs, arming them with factual information, which will help them to choose to live life drug-free. We are conducting free seminars in schools, distribution drives where we distribute booklets containing the truth about drugs, getting youth groups and clubs together to share the information and stay drug-free, have essay and poster making competitions, as well as train youth to give seminars, in handling intoxicated persons and getting them sober. 

The team of Youth For Drug Free Kashmir, Kashmir Youth Web is working head to toes in diverting the youth from pseudo support to the self defense and self stability.  The problem of drug addiction in Kashmir has observed that this conflict ridden region has a tremendous rise in substance abusers over the past decade. United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) reported that around 70000 people are drug addicts in the Kashmir valley alone among which 4000 are females. Several studies conducted in the valley revealed that youth particularly between the age group of 17-30 involved in this menace of drug addiction.

The event held was not to stop picnic but the panic among people. KYW is working in bridging the knowledge in parents as well, as parents are the base of one’s development.

Kashmir Youth Web starts from giving the knowledge of the drugs, the side effects of consuming drugs, their mechanism of working inside body and the process of degrading the human body. 

KYW today distributed the booklets containing vital information, Do’s and Don’ts of drugs. 

“We want to start a fight against drugs and we dream every house and the star joins us in eradicating this social evil”, said Irfan Attari, Chairman of KYW along with his team members.

One of the main aspects of Kashmir Youth Web is the participating of girls on a very high level. Girls are working hard in holding the hands of other girls and getting them out the society backstabs. Girls mostly feel shy in opening out and somewhere our society is the reason of this. Kashmir Youth Web has been working keeping in view this part of society too. 

KYW has continuously been working and holding events in view of creating a strong hold in the minds of people and letting them know what actually the society is dealing and struggling with. 

In times of Covid, the bad and testing times indeed, there are many and many people holding the universal depressions by the help of such drugs. KYW held events with full precautionary measures only to keep going their fight and revolt against drugs.

Till now thousands of books have been distributed by irfan and his team  Kashmir Youth Web and they believe to continue the procedure for the betterment of people. 

Irfan attari is expecting people to join hands with them and let them make Kashmir drug free. After all one and one make eleven. “This is not less than a war against drugs and every single person is a soldier for us”, the team said.

The team welcomes every person who willingly wants to join Kashmir Youth Web. For a good cause, they open their arms wide and let everyone in to make the nation drug free.

There’s a message from the Chairman for the world out there, “The best solution is to reach young people with effective, fact-based drug education—before they start experimenting with drugs. Tweens, teens and young adults who know the facts about drugs are much less likely to start using them”




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