Breaking Stereotypes through her podcasts, and carrying the legacy of her grandfather – Hyderabad’s Meena Sripada opens up on a lot more in this exclusive interview

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The Queen Award by The Eagle Eye Network Awardee Meena Sripada

1. Tell us about your podcast

MY podcast is all about stereotype breaking, which society as created and are stressing on us. The expectations which society has on us far more stressing than our parents expectations. My podcast deals with such stereotype breaking topics and also I want to Normalize talking about sensitive topics such as sex, periods, male and female parts, racisim, sex education, Behavioural . In each season of my podcast i want to convey my experience, my opinion and my learnings on such Bold topics. And these days people are facing lots of trauma, depression, hatred and i want to guide them in my way. SEASON 2 of my podcast is all about a journey FROM SELF HATRED TO SELF LOVE.

2. Tell us some examples of stereotypes that you think should break for the betterment of the society.

1.GIRLS are GIRLS , girls are not treated as humans , we are treated as responsibility, a pride of our homes which actually pressurizes us. They dont understand our goals, dreams, feelings they dont get this fact that we are humans too. All these people need is A sanskari BAHU. A good daughter.

2. Talking about SEX, orgasms, periods is sin according to our parents and society. we have to explain these to children before hand , so that we can atleast avoid further molestations, rapes.

3. MARRIAGE: o god this is really a big stereotype topic it’s like 5-20 yrs for studying  ,20-22 getting job, 23- 26 marriage and before 30 one should have children. I want to break this . Its really very hard for people who are forced to do these in limiting age period. Few people can take stand, while few just surrender to this. Time, age is just an illusion.

4. DEPRESSION : failing, fallling, breaking down is okay its a part of life, its a phase of finding who u are,its a phase to nurture urself, change urself for better version of u. yet no one talks about MENTAL HEALTH. All they ask is about Your Marks, salary, kids you have. This is sick!!!  People say especially our families say that : You are provided with so much comfortness and you dont utilize it , what we have done to u? They stress about these things much. We cant compare the comfortness with the pain we go through. It may be Failing, Molestations, Bullying, breakups, lonliness. we cant be open to our parents. They judge. And they expect us to be top in everything we do.

 They are many more topics, which i would like to do podcasts on. 

Education system, mindsets, Battles, social media, parenting  etc

3. How does your podcasting process look like?

So, i take a topic which most of the people will relate to, sometimes i prepare, sometimes i do it spontaneous , I express myself through podcast without a thought. I make sure i share the link to maximum number of people, asking  for their reviews, opinions.  I consider them and wil keep on bettering myself, I record the show, edit and ill make sure i Prepare a video trailer and post it on social media. 

4. What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters?

Dont stop initially you might not getting listeners dont backdown, make sure ur having much awareness on topics u select, if possible note down the main points, make a trailer video. Share to max number of people. BE PATIENT.

I’ll sure make podcast on this too .. tips for new podcast aspirants .

5. How did you take up writing?

I failed in my 12th , then I discovered this talent in me. Learnt vocabulary and read books to improve my english skills. 

I use my grandfathers dictionary, DR. SISTLA LAKSMI NARAYANA he wrote SUPER BIG DICTIONARY . He inspired every student and he’s a greater helper, one of the best teachers his students had, He’s one of the main reasons behind me taking up writing as my passion.  I want to carry his LEGACIES and writing makes me feel so good, it makes me find myself and release stress. Writing helps to find the answers, it clears the messy thoughts in my mind, it improves my mood, ideas, makes me think deeper, alleviates my thoughts.

Meena with her inspiration, guide, teacher, her grandfather Dr. Sistla Lakshmi Narayana

My inspiration, my guide, and my teacher. I’m proud to carry his legacies.

The Super Big Dictionary

6. Which books have you published or contributed in?

I’ve worked for several anthologies from rosewood, hubbooktique publications

    my books are:









7. Links to your podcast and books.

Book links can be checked on amazon.

8. Do you think writing can be a full time career option for anyone?

 YES. Freelancers, content writers, translators, Author, Article writer, literary writing, Author assistant many more. Want to work on ur passion ? then yes writing can be a full time career option too. All u need to do is stay focused, information, skills .

9. How do you handle success?

do the work without expecting results, I don’t count it on but the recognition will motivate me to contribute more. When i feel low , my success shows me what i’m . It guides me to improve, explore, do more and Guide people through writing. I DON’T FEEL THREATENED BY MY FAILURE AND I DON’T FEEL PRIDE ABOUT MY SUCCESS.  

10. What do we expect from you in the future?

 I’ll be consistent on what I’m working on, will surely BECOME AN AUTHOR and publish my own book. And will keep Guiding people through my podcasts.



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