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26 Year Old Stackboi Tank is Taking HipHop Music Industry by Storm

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Chanz Miller is a 26-year-old up-and-coming HipHop music artist and an entrepreneur. He has been gaining a lot of popularity during the past few years because of his immaculate talent and versatility. He is also known as “Stackboi Tank” by his friends and fans. Belonging to the city of Detroit, Michigan, Chanz Miller started his career right after he finished his schooling. At first, he was at a loss because he didn’t know what to do, but then he realized that life is too short to go for ordinary corporate jobs; hence he decided to follow his heart and pursue his dreams. The dreams which led him to what he is today.

Most people don’t even dare to go for their passions, therefore are unable to make a good fortune out of life. This is what bothered Chanz Miller the most so he did not take a single chance of having future regrets and started his music career without a second thought of failure. Ever since then, Chanz has been “paying the bills with his inspirational lyrics” successfully.

He also considers the birth of his daughter a contributing factor in his HipHop music career as after that he realized his responsibility and started hustling with more zeal and zest towards his ultimate goal of becoming a HipHop music artist. Being a family-oriented guy, Chanz in one of his interviews was recorded saying, “Family is not an important thing, it is everything.” This portrays how important his family was and still is to him and how he has tried to make them proud at every step in life.

Along with family, friends do play an essential part in your life, and you should choose them accordingly. Chanz considers himself blessed enough to have a great circle of friends who have been with him through every thick and thin. Chanz created a band about 10 years ago named “The Real Stackboiz” with his friends, and it was invited to a lot of places for concerts and performances. Although his friends are busy in their own ventures, whenever Chanz needs them, they are always at his doorstep to provide him with much-needed emotional support. Out of his sheer love for his friends, Chanz once said, “True friends are never apart, maybe in the distance but never in the heart”.

Like everyone else Chanz also had a turning point in his life that changed his overall perspective towards life. One of the closest friends of Chanz got murdered on the 4th of July 2016 in his hometown, which came out as a shock to almost everyone around him, including Chanz. His friend’s untimely demise made Chanz realize that he needs to take every opportunity available to make the most out of his life. He nearly had a spiritual awakening that told him to go for what he loved the most and create a wholesome community consisting of musical talent and versatility. Chanz was of the opinion that “Music is not material; it is spiritual”. That is the reason why he tried to put his heart and soul into every music album or melody he created.

Making HipHop music and putting catchy melodies together came very naturally to Chanz; that is why he wanted to make it his full-time job. Chanz believed, “Everyone is gifted, but some people don’t even try to open their package.” Chanz spent a lot of time tapping into his natural talent of music-making and then taking it to its full potential. All of the efforts that he had put into working towards his dreams have definitely paid him off today, not only economically but also socially, and he has taken the HipHop music industry by storm.

As of now, he has over a million views on YouTube and has released multiple records that were huge hits! Chanz’s success story is definitely the most inspiring one for the people who are currently aspiring to become music artists or the ones who are confused about pursuing their passions as their careers. All you need to do is believe in yourself and be confident in whatever you’re doing. In one of his videos, Chanz Miller said, “Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude”, which is correct.

Chanz has definitely made some outstanding achievements in the HipHop music industry; that is why a lot of the big names want to work with him. He is a one-man army who strongly believes in self-sufficiency and self-confidence. Recently, Chanz has had the opportunity to collaborate with some plaque-earning producers, Helluva and Antzz Beatz, which has provided a significant boost in Chanz’s popularity and fan following. Like any other big star, Chanz also wants to leave a legacy behind with his mesmerizing and enchanting HipHop music that most people enjoy these days.

Once Chanz was invited to an event as a motivational speaker because of his tough yet inspiring journey; there, he addressed his fans and upcoming music artists who just want to be like him with the following words: “Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want”. Keeping this reminder in view, anyone can lead himself towards what they desire, hence, fulfilling all the wishes they have ever had.

Chanz, being an influential personality, knows his position and privilege in music society and uses it wisely in motivating the youth in the right direction. He always asks them to concentrate on their work ethic while letting go of the monetary value that they will eventually receive. The end goal should be satisfaction and recognition not only nationally but globally. When Chanz receives messages of people in despair, he always asks them to never give up and keep doing what they consider is right. Because as he says, “When you follow your dreams, work does not seem like a burden anymore.”

Know more about Chanz Miller a.k.a. Stackboi Tank on his social handles:

Instagram: @stackboi_tank
Facebook: @rsbTank
Twitter: @Stackboi_Tank
YouTube: @ForeverDetroitMusic
Spotify: @StackboiTank
Apple Music: @StackboiTank


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