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DJ Rares – Escape

2 Mins read

Laid back synthwave with a retro feel

Escape by DJ Rares (pronounced ‘Raresh’) is a synthwave instrumental on the laid back side. Its retrowave style is very easy listening and calls to mind a late-night wind down after a busy day, or maybe the chillout space of a club or festival. With elements of retrofunk, electropop and chop vocal, it’s a melodic, relaxing, slightly hypnotic mix of electronic chords and sounds including piano, sax and drums. Ambient, atmospheric and warm, it’s ideal music to break the heavy silence of remote working, play in the background when entertaining or simply use for meditation or as a mind unwinder prior to sleep.

On one link, part of the lengthy Neon Rooftops chillwave mix on Youtube by Rodrigo DB, the accompanying visuals depict a typically futuristic downtown metropolis with a distinct Bladerunner vibe. There is, as is expected, much use of neon pink, blue and purple; it’s raining; the video shows flying cars, skyscrapers and an elevated train line. One of the comments even observes that the use of pink and purple for synthwave depictions of the future is more or less required. A cursory glance down the suggested further listening reinforces this view! On DJ Rares’ own Youtube channel, the radio edit of  HYPERLINK “”Escape simply has a picture of the single’s cover, which looks like a cross between 80s 8-bit computer graphics and Tron. Again, hardly unexpected reference points for the genre.

DJ Rares is a DJ and producer who has been active in the music scene since schooldays. He has a variety of influences and no set routine to composition – sometimes the verse comes first, sometimes the solo, or he writes to a theme. He somehow makes time for a solo career, where he collaborates widely with many different people, and a parallel band with his long time friend Joshua, called (not surprisingly) Rares and Joshua. You might even catch a live show from them occasionally and there’s at least one album available.

They have their own commercial studio which they also rent out to clients but he also has the time-honoured home studio setup as well. That way, he can compose whenever inspiration strikes.

DJ Rares is on Tidal, Beatport, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify. That said, he admits he doesn’t spend that much time on social media, preferring to let his music do the talking. This it certainly does, very melodically. If you liked the electronic sound of The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights, you’ll find the sound of Escape familiar, if more laid back.


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