Vinay Pandey ,Sagar Bhardwaj, Aashi Sharma, producer Anuj Kumar Ojha invited to organized by Asis award show 2022.

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Asis Award Show 2022 is going to be organized by Anuj Kumar Ojha. The award show is going to be organized online because of the Covid-19 situation. Although the cases are extremely low, the organizers didn’t want to take any risk and to keep it on a safer side.

All the bloggers, Influencers, viners and actors are going to be invited for the award show. Big TV actors and film stars get enough recognition through their shows and movies but all these social media celebs have to work way too hard for it. Few of them may get noticed and get an opportunity to act in a show or a movie. But, this is not the case for everyone.

Through the Asis Award Show, Anuj is trying to give these social media stars recognition and a platform to showcase their talents and skills on a bigger platform. The motive is to give them recognition to the extent that they will get offers from big labels for music albums,series,Tv shows and movies. They will be surely

The invited participants will be asked to submit two videos or reels each and will be judged on the basis of them the winner in each category will be rewarded with 1 lakh rupees and the runner up will be rewarded with 50 thousand of rupees. Other than this everyone will be getting an award for performing exceedingly well in their own genre of work.

Four people are invited in the award show .The name of those invited people are Vinay Pandey , Sagar Bhardwaj, Aashi Sharma, Indrajeet Singh , Abhimanyu Yadav, Raj chaurasiya, . Many portfolio of social media celebrities are submitted for the screening of the award shows and these four names are confirmed and the more names will be added to the list soon. Vinay Pande is a well-known singer in Up. Aashi Sharma this is a very nice actress, Sagar Bhardwaj this is a singer in Delhi, renowned singers in and had many albums released. They all passed the screening looking at their popularity among people.

It is a great initiative to reward social media celebrities for their hard work.


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