Turn the pain into power and crisis into an opportunity – Genia Chadha

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We all have experienced ups and downs in our lives. But the moment ‘when we decide to rise even when the circumstances is not in our favour’ it makes a big change to our lives. So here we have Genia Chadha ‘s journey who have turned the bad circumstances into opportunity.

Firstly, let us tell you that Genia Chadha is an Entertainment Journalist, Vlogger and Video presenter who have done interviews around 90 prominent figures of Bollywood and Pollywood , have good fan base on her social media account. In this article we will shade a light on the life and struggles of Genia Chadha. We will see the glimple of her journey so far.
Genia was born and brought up in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh and completed her studies from Himachal Pradesh. Despite being from medical background, Genia became university topper after switching to Mass Communication .

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Genia said ‘Since childhood I wanted to face the camera, thought i would become an actor or model but I couldn’t pursue and I belong from a small district so there is a family pressure. They didn’t  allow me to go Mumbai.
But as i said i wanted to come in front of camera i chose the profession journalism. There’s another reason also for joining  entertainment journalism is that the interest in lives of celebrities.
As we know about the contagious virus due to this, situation of lockdown occurred world wide. During this period I started to work on my instagram and other social media handle by doing live sessions and by creating some unique and nice content. It has created my fan base’.

However, her first and the foremost issue was the pressure of family and society because the place where she was born and brought up there people does not give importance to such careers . People there want their kids to prefer options such as doctors, engineers or civil services. Still completed her studies in Mass Communication. I got many rejections as I was not passed out from the top or you can say the reputed university this does not helped me, as the reputation of the University gives the backbone to your professional career. At last i can’t define this as it was my destiny or my hardwork that I got internship in Zee News.

Genia Chadha is very passionate and ardent to camera that’s why can’t let herself down in any situation.
Genia revealed that if she get demotivated she used to watch some motivational stuffs as well as her own prior interviews. I follow some great personalities like nawazuddin siddiqui sir , pankaj tripathi sir, you might thik that we have different fields but fields doesn’t matters at all if you pursuit your dreams you only care about the struggle, whether it could be someone else struggle journey the positive vibes are important that keeps you to move on’ said Genia.


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