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The Vaccine For Financial Freedom :- One Complete & Must Read Book in 2022 for Direct Sellers

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Mahaavir Kantura , a big inspiring personality of network marketing business, Now has come on the stage  with his powerful book , “ The Vaccine For Financial Freedom.”  This book has the potential to help you to fulfil your dreams . This book is compiled with 32 chapters . Having 330 pages, this book has the contents of five books in it . This is not only a book; rather it is a complete package of success in which a video is introduced at the end of each and every part . With this book you will have the opportunity to attend a free webinar. There are so many scripts introduced in this book which will make Direct selling easy to understand. So many Powerful frameworks and motivational  stories have made this book very interesting . This book is completely based upon the Proven Success Process. The mission of the author is to bring smiles in the lives of 10 lakh people by 15th August 2035 and make them self-reliant and he is consistently moving forward towards this mission.

This book, is a strong step in that mission. This book is edited at least six times and the author has tried his best to make this book full of practical learning . Within a short span of time this book has been liked and recommended by many successful professionals of the industry.

This book is based on the Core Values ​​and Fundamentals of Direct Selling, tells about Network Marketing, its position across the globe and about the current guidelines.

“The Vaccine for Financial Freedom” is full of copyrighted content and a flow chart has been shared so that you can easily succeed in direct selling. The most important thing is that the framework is based upon the goal setting which is clarified in a very practical way, so that anyone can set his own clear goal.

 This book shows the traditional techniques of prospecting relevant in today’s digital age. As well as dozens of techniques related to Invitation, presentation and closing are also shared in it through scripts and examples which are widely used in the country and abroad . This book is so easy to understand and full of practical knowledge that each and every person who has the aspirations to achieve success in direct selling business must read it . 

 In this book the ways , how to do consistent massive action for success, how to measure your success based upon daily routine , has been explained through traffic lights . As well as how duplication can be used in effective  ways in direct selling,  all  tips are discussed in a very interesting way. Each and every fact is discussed with interesting stories, quotes and very relevant examples which shows the creativity of the author and his strong hold on the subject . Overall, the author’s personal experiences of 18 years , his journey of direct selling and his life’s ups and downs have made this book alive .

 To sum up, this book can be called “ The scripture of network marketing.”

About The Author

Mahaavir Kantura, one of the Inspiring personalities, a prominent leader, trainer, Speaker, an embodiment of all the traits & skills which can erect many leaders effectively and successfully. He has received many awards.

Mahaavir Kantura belongs to a lower middle class family and he was born in a small village of Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) . He faced many difficulties in his early life when there were no resources . He gained the right character and values ​​from his parents . He spent most of his time reading books. As a result he became very strong mentally. 

After attaining the top position in MSc in college, he had a lot of options but he chose direct selling business in his life. Direct selling attracted him a lot and somewhere he realized that through direct selling he can easily help many middle class people, who lack resources in their life.

 Today Mahaavir Kantura has become a successful one in bringing positive change in the lives of thousands of people. For the last many years, he is continually achieving success by staying at the top of his career. Mahaavir Kantura believes that he has seen failure for a long time and worked hard and through the principles and formulas which he has followed in his life for a long time, he can help many people.

This book, is a strong step of Mahaavir Kantura in mission Of Creating One Million Smiles.

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