The Inspiring Story of Baashe Delta, the 20-Year-Young Musician Singer & Songwriter.

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Baashe Delta

Baashe Delta is a famous musician, songwriter and music composer who is a source of inspiration for all the young musicians, His real name is Baashe Ahmed Jaama.
Who is very famous all over the world due to his qualities. Many young people consider him as their inspiration.

Baashe Delta , who is based in Germany. He was born on May 10, 2002, and He is known for his singing in multiple languages, including Hindi ,English, German & Somali.. He has worked hard to get to that point. At this young age, he has a record label of his own. Whose name is “KKURBO STUDIO “. Which is a record label created by him and.Baashe Delta made his first step in the music world with this record label.

Baashe Delta

Baashe Delta started the professional music journey in 2019 with one of its releases “Najma”. He has won many awards in his life. These awards show us the ability of Baashe Delta .
In a recent press conference, a fan of Baashe Delta asked him about this. That sir, what is the point of your success which you consider to be the turning point of your life. So Baashe Delta replied to his fan saying that one of his songs ” Lacala” musical tunes composed by him by Tik Tok dancer “Huda Amuun” that went viral, it was such a moment in his life getting global recognition and this changed his whole life. And he also said this :-
” that success in life is easy if you work hard”

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