The Digital Geek who was Once an Event Manager

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The market’s diversity and variety of products have made it difficult to get your hands on the right things. It is not about how much or how many, but how well it is. The market is seeing a colossal of fresh and diligent entrepreneurs that need to grow and expand their businesses, and there are others who have ideas but are sceptical about how they should commence? 

The answer to this pressing question is Nikhil Sharma. Nik is an event manager turned digital entrepreneur or, as he’s called, “digital geek.” Nikhil Sharma is the Founder and owner of 4 leading firms that help people grow — Event BACKEND, Ban Sabai Wellness Spa, Digital Eventpreneur Hub and Community Over Competition. 

The Digital Eventpreneur Hub is a digital event-management university that gives you the ultimate lessons to be a successful Independent Entrepreneur and Event Scientist that will not only help you start a business but also run and own a successful business. Digital Eventpreneur Hub offers various services, including lead generation, traffic generation, personal branding, digital asset management, and other consultancy services. The team at Digital Eventpreneur Hub gives you a wide and broad perspective on your business which helps you in the long run. Even if you don’t know about event start-ups but are planning to run them and are hesitant, Nik and his team at Digital Eventpreneur Hub mentor you from the bottom. Under the membership of the Digital Eventpreneur Hub, a lot of successful people have come out into the market. From running businesses to being a freelancer, Nikhil helps you with everything and anything from the scratch. Under the same brand name, Digital Eventpreneur Academy follows the value of the Golden Triangle, one where you learn, do and teach. All at once.

Nik, the Digital Eventpreneur, is helping entrepreneurs to grow by assisting them in getting clarity on the subject. He is the founder of Community Over Competition, a firm that offers various courses and products that permit you to have a wider reach from anywhere in the world easily. Nikhil teaches how to be a successful entrepreneur and be successful in the digital world. The various products that are offered are available on his website. The top courses are Community Over Competition 1.0, Decoding Niche Clarity Formula, Decoding Curriculum Design Formula, Decoding Budget Blueprint, 121 Community Coaching Formula, Decoding Funnel Building Formula are budget-friendly and helpful. These courses make you learn from top industry leaders and at your own speed and pace. At your own liberty, you can transform the world with quality and uniqueness. Community over Competition aims to be the number one community of the digital age with the unique and bold mission of building a community of digital leaders that promote the Golden Age. 

With the companies that Nik manages, Nikhil Sharma guides freshers with his podcasts, YouTube videos and courses and has built a huge customer service with a satisfaction rate of over 99%. The quality that is offered is unmatched, and so far, it has trained over 1000 people. Let us see what clients have to say about the services provided by them. 

Mathew Kordolia, CEO and Founder at Great Discount Place, says, 

“Nikhil as an individual, is dynamic and very pro-active for his age. This young man is a student to business and sucker for more information about his industry and skills on a regular basis and hence he reads. He has mentors and he listens. He was an early believer of tech in events and knew then that the events industry vails eventually go digital. He has outlined trends. He backs his beliefs with facts and explores realities on ground level.”

Yash Gandhi, Cofounder of Vaeral, says, 

“Digital Eventpreneur Academy offers an amazing platform to boost an individuals creativity. Its an institute where every moment is fun, and it just becomes a beautiful memory that you would want to cherish lifelong. I have also learnt the fundamentals of Event planning business through various webinars that were conducted Virtually on Zoom. The best part is that now we can learn from Anywhere in the globe. Thank you, Nik for offering such a learning platform.”

Nikl’s journey started in 8th standard on the day of his results of half early exam when he failed. He was devasted and felt like a loser. It was during the finals that he worked hard and passed with 80% in Maths and learnt how to achieve success. Now, Nikhil is a successful entrepreneur, aka “digital geek”, who help others to attain success. He has authored a book and, so far, has earned more than $2000 in a month by selling his own digital products.

Are you willing to learn and act? It is now or never. Book your slot with Digital Geek, aka Nikhil Sharma via the following links: Website:


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