SummerKing – Standing with people to fight against harsh weather conditions.

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The climate of India alters with the seasons, and the temperature curve fluctuates as the environment is a combination of dry and tropical weather. The summers will be sweltering, and the winters will be filled with chilly nights. Summers in most parts of India are scorching, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. People get soaked up in sweat and continuously quench their thirst for cold liquids to beat the heat waves. After a day in the red hot sun, people yearn for a gentle breeze that ruffles their hair and pacifies them after a busy day. SummerKing, which has been in business for 40 years, manufactures calming products such as ceiling fans, table fans, multi-purpose fans, and air coolers.

SummerKing was established by D R Goel, an engineer who graduated from the prestigious institution of IIT Roorkee with a vision to create purposeful technology that positively impacts people’s lives. SummerKing produces a wide variety of home appliances manufactured from an extremely high grade of raw material gathered from reliable sources. The SummerKing is now being managed by the son of D R Goel, Vikas Goel, who is also an engineering graduate. He is currently working to implement sophisticated systems in the company. With Vikas Goel, it’s also managed by Binita Goel who is a BSc graduate.

The team at SummerKing believes that meticulous consideration of various parameters in design and validation would guarantee the best product, and the team ensures that the final resultant product meets international standards. Besides the best minds, SummerKing also uses state of the art facilities to produce products that will satisfy their consumers the most. The factory is home to a conveyorised paint shop, a crane-operated pretreatment plant, fully automated winding machines, a well-equipped R&D lab, assembly lines for air coolers and heaters, self-designed injection plastic moulds, and SPM machines for different turning operations. All of this machinery is utilised in a productive way by the experienced staff of SummerKing, which includes a team of 300 in different roles such as Operators, Commercial Engineers, Supervisors, Managers, and Executives who strive and devote their time and efforts to make the company stand at the top of the list.

Great things take time, and they necessitate genuine efforts, hard work, and unwavering hope and faith. SummerKing was started from scratch by the visionary mind of D R Goel, and the company took its time to outshine the other competitors in the market. SummerKing’s genuine and transparent policies helped it achieve 40 years of excellence. SummerKing believes that trust builds quality, quality makes satisfaction, satisfaction builds relationships, and relationships build trust, and the team at SummerKing believes in inspiring confidence. They continue to satisfy customers with their world-class products and services, raising their standard of life.

SummerKing’s cooling products, such as air coolers and a variety of fans, keep both workplaces and homes cool, allowing people to avoid the heatwave. The fans by SummerKing are a perfect alternative where there is no scope for air conditioners. The fans are designed in the most advanced way to distribute cool air instead of just circulating hot air. These can be placed in industrial, residential, and commercial spaces and are very easy to clean and maintain.

All the products of SummerKing, such as ceiling fans, multi-purpose fans, air coolers, water heaters, immersion rods, room heaters, and home appliances, are made by machines of the latest technology and were designed in such a way to comfort the customers in the harsh weather conditions of India. All the products are eco friendly and do not encourage the usage of harmful refrigerants. The most astonishing thing is that all these products of top-notch quality are made available at affordable prices, keeping in mind that every household can enjoy the luxury of these products. The after-sales service provided by SummerKing is remarkable as they address each and every problem faced by their customers and provide instant solutions. The scheme of paperless warranty demonstrates their confidence in their products and has garnered the attention of many people.

SummerKing owns a variety of products that help people combat the harsh weather conditions of summer and winter. All of these products will be soon made available on giant e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and their own portal. A mobile application is also going to be launched in the near future to make the buying process simpler for customers across the nation. The team of SummerKing is planning to introduce Smart Geysers, Smart Fans, and many other innovative products in the coming days.

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