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Nathan Notorious is all set to make world a better place with his community of like minded people.

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  Nathan Notorious is an entrepreneur,social media influencer and active duty marine. He is now willing to help people around the globe by  creating a community of like- minded people globally and help them to come out of the effects of the pandemic. It is needless to say that the pandemic had an adverse effect on each and every human being in a way or the other. Many lost their family and friends,some lost their bread and butter and many lost themselves in this entire pandemic life. Notwithstanding it being a long time back it actually holds a grip in individuals’ life and when something hits you so hard you really want someone who can be there for you at the other end. This is exactly what Nathan is trying to do.

He wants to help the people to come out of their shell and work on themselves again and along with that help those around them. As Nathan is already a social media influencer he is making a difference in people’s life from quite a time now. People love the content that he post on his social media handle and how small things are worth making a difference.

His social media presence is all about putting uniquely edged content that sends off some message and comes in handy with people. Now he is willing to bring a change globally both mentally and physically. This magnificent project of his is going to go under run this May on his social media platforms and his website that is under construction right now.   He will show them the ability of tailored journaling. The ability of journaling is somewhat significant and helps one in a great deal of ways. Journaling can help you:Manage anxiety,reduce stress,cope with depression, put forth objectives, keep up with them by dividing them into groups and move towards your objective. Another key objective that he has for this community is that they will help individuals overcome their emotional wellness issues or we can say mental health issues.

His has the idea of the mental troll that had put on people and what one goes through on a daily basis. Everyone has their own fights,but he says if everyone helps each other it will build motivation and themselves together. To know more about his project or to join it follow Nathan on: IG: @imnotoriousnateFB: @imnotoriousnateTW: @imnotoriousnate And on his upcoming website: 

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