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Listening style and familiarity with the features of pop style from the language of Nitin Nischal (Nit-A).

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Nitin Nischal Known professionally as Nitin Nischal & also known for his nickname Nit-A, is an Indian singer, songwriter, music producer, and musical artist. He was Born on 05 July 1997 in India.

Pop style features in his opinion:

Pop music, one of the most popular styles of music in the world, was formed in the 1958s as pop and roll in the United States and united kingdom. This style was decomposed into several other styles about 10 years later, but all sub-genres still have their roots in reggae and roll. Reggae and roll is influenced by rhythm, blues and country style, and of course, in some cases, it is also influenced by folk, jazz and classical styles. Early rock originated precisely from the R&B style of rhythm and blues, which was a form of black American dance music mixed with the blues, as well as the style of black jazz and biblical hymns.

One of the hallmarks of pop music is the use of acoustic guitar in its playing. Bass guitar, drums and repetitive riffs are other features that set pop apart from other styles of music. The emphasis of rock is on beats or beatings. It is interesting to know that the invention of the acoustic guitar and the amplifier expanded this genre and divided it into several different styles. Another feature of rock music is a melody-driven four-by-four 4.4 rhythm that places a lot of emphasis on strong beats. The standard of pop bands consists of four members; He is a guitarist, bass player, vocalist or singer and drummer, but keyboards, organ, synthesizer and piano are also among the instruments used in this style of music.

Branches of pop music

The 90’s can be considered the golden age of pop music. During these years, pop became known as the most popular genre, and this brilliance was the result of the creativity of people like Kurt Cobain and other members of Nirvana. Hard rock was the result of a combination of punk and heavy metal, but was more prone to punk. Of course, playing reefs on hard rock is very similar to heavy metal. Grunge style is another branch of rock music that is divided into two generations and periods. The first period belonged to groups such as Green River and Mad Hani, which still exist today, and its reefs are rougher and heavier than the second generation reefs.

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