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Jeff Bezos Responds to a Viral Video of his Girlfriend with Leonardo DiCaprio at Art Gala

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In a hilarious response to a video that had gone viral, Jeff Bezos won the internet with a tongue-in-cheek flex aimed at none other than Leonardo Di Caprio. 

It all went down when Bezos, his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, and Leonardo Di Caprio were caught having a conversation with each other at the LACMA Art and Film Gala on Nov 6. The video that went viral left people thinking that Sanchez seemed charmed by the Hollywood star, and in no time, they were taking light-hearted digs at Bezos.

Barstool Sports tagged the video on Twitter with the caption, “Leo is Mr. Steal Yo Girl”, and the internet was quick to pick up on it. 

One tweet read, “Leo demonstrating how to evoke a good puddle swoon. Though, to be honest, I find Bezos hotter, at least going by the pure physique.” Another read, “Your amazon prime membership has been canceled!” The video soon began stirring up more interest.

Bezos had a fitting reply with his usual sense of humor, not one to be left behind. And although the hilarious tweet he sent out seemed to be a threat directed at Leo, we all know it was in good humor all the way. 

So, what was Bezos’ tweet all about? Well, tagging Leo to make sure the Oscar-winning acting maestro saw it, Bezos posed with a sign reading, “Danger! Steep cliff.” Another tweet read, “Leo, come over here; I want to show you something.” 

The hilarious episode again brings Bezos’ humor to the front and shines the light on Leo’s antics as an eligible bachelor. The Hollywood star is often linked to women, mostly significantly younger models. As one reply from a Twitter user went, “She’s over 25, he doesn’t have anything to worry about,” implying how Leo only dated girls way younger than 25.

Both Bezos and Leo continue ruling the roost on the work front, even when they are not hitting the headlines. Leo was last seen in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a story from one of his favorite moviemakers Quentin Tarantino. 

Bezos continues to top business listings with Amazon’s ventures when he isn’t manning rockets into space. After divorcing his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Scott, Bezos has often gone public with his relationship with Sanchez, a TV host and helicopter pilot. 

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