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Durlav Sarkar Got Special Mention With Jasmin Bhasin After Getting Awarded From Shakti Kapoor

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Durlav Sarkar recently got special mention with Superstar Actress,Jasmin Bhasin among the Inspiring Global Personalities Of The World after getting awarded from Legendary,Shakti Kapoor for his contribution in the field of entrepreneurship as he was awarded the Global Face Of Entrepreneurship recently and along with that he is also known as one of the most recognised and leading entrepreneur of West Bengal people also call him ‘The Pride Of Bengal’ or ‘The Dada Of Writing Industry’ for all his prestigious achievements and awards in the field of entrepreneurship.

Durlav Sarkar’s Early Life

He is Durlav Sarkar he is a Btech student studying in MSIT,Kolkata who is an young entrepreneur and is an academic achiever, an ex-student of JDS,Kolkata represented his school in many debates,quizes, vocals and other interschool competitions. He is a lyricist, writer and singer has his own writing community consisting 300 writers.

He is the Founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION and Love All Serve All NGO, admin of  ‘The Clicker’s platform’ and co admin of the Golden Talent and The ethicsz. He is connected with many writing communities and publications He is currently working with an NGO named ‘The Panda Foundation’ and connected with CYIMUN and many more.

He is also known for graphic designing and conducting events which includes Agomoni 2021 from The Unheard Voices and Dugga Elo. He likes to give platform to the budding authors,artists and photographers in his pages through all the units of INKZOID FOUNDATION such as Bleed Your Ink, Team Writers, The Quidditch Ink, Penning The Pain, Aesthete Writers, Inspired Thoughts, world_instapic.hub, INKZOID Wonder, INKZOID Times, The Golden Talent, The Clickers, INKZOID Podcasts, Kalakritiyaan, De Talk.

He started his start-ups under his own foundation to support the young budding talents through Go INKZODIAC awards, INKZOID Book Of Records, INKZOIDOPIDIA several awards of INKZOID FOUNDATION. He is the founder of Inkzoid Foundation-largest writing community and publishing platform in the world(international publishing platform)and love all serve all- an NGO He worked in many anthologies and wrote  solo books which is yet to be published.His upcoming solo book is ‘The Unexpressed Thoughts’ and ‘The Record’.

He has been given a title ‘The master of rhyming sonnets’ from this writing profession.His hobbies are writing poems, reading books ,singing and playing cricket .His speciality is to write lyrical rhyming sonnets mainly in Bengali and English. He has a  world record of writing 55 rhyming sonnets within a month and not more than 5 mins to complete each one of it,He is recognised as Karmaveer 2021for his works in writing field and he also received many more awards,being the youngest bengali to receive it.

He is featured in many magazines, websites and live shows/interviews and he is the inspiration of many for his famous line “Haters are my biggest motivators” because he is Victorious in his life even after facing a lot of difficulties in his life including attempt to murders that’s why he is a role model for many people. He is attached with  musical and host events as well. His poems ‘Tumi je mor sikkhok’ and ‘Bondhu Amar’ were famous.

About Durlav Sarkar

Durlav Sarkar is the founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION vest publishing start-up and the fastest growing entrepreneurship) which helped people to publish book for free during covid situation , who is a celebrity entrepreneur, multiple world record holder (only triple hat-trick world record holder) and the youngest world record strategist of Asia being the youngest speaker at Safalta Talks and many other talkshow.

He is also a poet, motivational speaker, influencer and works as a social activist as well famous for his 55 lyrical sonnets and each one of it was written within 5 mins. Twenty six books were written on him as a tribute to him for all of his works and he was also awarded ‘Best Start-up 2021’ in support of West Bengal Government for his entrepreneurship being the Best Entrepreneur of 2021 setting an inspiration for the future generations.

He also founded one NGO named  ‘Love All Serve All’ which aims to serve mankind around the world.


Durlav Sarkar who is the new face of entrepreneurship in Bengal .He got awarded from legendary actor,Shakti Kapoor for his entrepreneurship, INKZOID FOUNDAION as INKZOID was declared as the ‘Best Publishing Start-up 2021’ and this award was dedicated to DPIIT-Department of central government of India and West Bengal Government in support of UNICEF and ICC.

•Only Indian personality on whom 26 books are written in 13 different  languages from 9 different publications and his biography is available in 13 different languages written by 13 different authors

•Multiple World Record Holder

•Karmaveer Chakra Awardee 2021

•Best Entrepreneur 2021 awarded by Legendary Actor, Shakti Kapoor

•Filmora Awards Awardee  2021

•Youngest Safalta Talks Speaker

•Asia’s Youngest World Record Strategist •International Author

•Global Face Of  Entrepreneurship Awardee 2021


The fastest growing publishing start-up  is INKZOID FOUNDATION with ranking one for having more than 110 units within 10 months and it is the only publication with Express Free Publishing (No Hidden Charges) just within 3 hours,they featured the maximum number of people on Google in the last 8 months and also honours deserving talents for full free of cost which is first time ever in the history.

INKZOID FOUNDATION is an UASL(international) & ISO certified independent international publishing chain and community organisation along with mass production house founded by world record holder and celebrity author,Durlav Sarkar and it is a place of creative people such as a hub of open mic event organisers,dancers, musicians,artists,podcast artists and photographers by promoting them that is why it is another name for opportunity.They also felicitate people’s true talents through world records and awards.

Durlav Sarkar’s Personal Life

NameDurlav Sarkar
Father’s NameLate.Goutam Sarkar
Mother’s NameMily Sarkar
SchoolJDS, Kolkata
CollegeMeghnad Saha Institute of Technology
GirlfriendNot Known
Height5 Feet 8 inches
Weight68 Kgs
Hair ColourBlack
PlaceKolkata, West Bengal
Favorite Dish Paneer Butter Masala & Mutton
HobbySinging, Writing & Playing Cricket
Birthday26th April
AmbitionTo serve the mankind

Durlav Sarkar was delighted to get special mention with Superstar Actress, Jasmin Bhasin among the inspiring global personalities of the World.

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