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Salwa is a Lebanese who studied hospitality management and has been a Cornell University student, decided to chase her dreams & passion along with her full-time job. At the moment, Salwa is the director of marketing and head of social media for Atlantis The Palm and a successful blogger. She is also recognized as a marketing leader of the year 2019 at the Leaders in Hospitality Awards. Travelling and food have been her passion since 2012 but started blogging in the middle of Covid, to be more confident in writing, documenting her outings, helping people organize their travels and to make them see the world through her eyes. It was her optimism and appetency to do something productive which unlatched the door of blogging for her during the epidemic when she had fairly enough time besides her full-time job. Salwa has become a prominent blogger while owning a blog of her own, entitled ‘Travel and Cookies’ where she posts appealing pictures of food & travel and pen down her experiences. Salwa’s blog is one, any epicurean and travel enthusiast can take stimulation. Salwa gives guidance and recommendations for new destinations to explore, mouth-watering food to eat and amazing restaurants to stay in. Food and travel are the two which she adores the most, lives the most and relishes the most. She is becoming very popular on social media and her followers are burgeoning day by day. You must follow her if you want to experience magnificent destinations and the food that comes with them.

Salwa is an astonishing motivator with numerous beneficent tips for novice connoisseurs.

For Food bloggers:-
~Get out of your comfort zone and try new cuisines and things.
~Avoid travelling to destinations that don’t have good food because you will end up having nothing to experience and share.
~Research and research on where you should eat, use trip advisors, forums, Instagram accounts etcetera.
~Post great content consistently, just be patient, never give up and enjoy blogging!
~The yummiest tip she gives is,” Don’t count your calories, savours every bite”.

For Travel bloggers:-
~Don’t take organized tours of multiple days, it is too rushed and you will never have enough time to take in everything you see.
~Avoid crowded times to take the perfect pictures. You need to wake up early and beat the crowd.
~Don’t travel to the same place multiple times just because you are in love with it- there are beautiful destinations around the world that are waiting for you.
~Eschew posy pictures, have fun, be Happy!
~Don’t stress on the followers, they will come, just be consistent and post pertinent good content.

Salwa’s success “Mantras”

~To become a successful blogger, one must be serious about it so that they don’t get left behind in the race. Blogging requires being compatible and committed.
~Writing style matters a lot when it comes to creating content. If people find it ethical, pertinent and relatable, they will remember your content and you.
~Try to figure out what motivates you? What are you passionate about? What are you knowledgeable about? What can you write about even in your sleep? If you find the answers, you are all set to win the race.
~Spend a lot of time developing engaging and eye-catchy content. Do hard work, be consistent and keep patience.
~It’s mandatory to recognize why most of the bloggers fail and give up too soon so that you don’t repeat similar mistakes and knock you out of the race.


Blogging is all about constant efforts and it works for those who show a never give up attitude towards it. Everyone experiences a rollercoaster ride full of highs and lows but it is only you and your passion that keeps you going. Salwa says, “If you are earnest about your passion for blogging, this Odyssey would be rousing and satisfying for you”. Salwa is such a brilliant solitary and precisely proven that hard work pays off. Now, Salwa has become an inspiration for those who want to stand out and leave their mark in the blogging field.

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