Rehat Kathuria presents a new opportunity to the photography community.

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The art of analog photography is a timeless, organic process unique to the generation and type of camera being used. It has a touch of imperfection rare in digital photography, and its charm is only further enhanced by the film grain and unique wear.

Traditionally these kinds of photography are obtained through chemical film instead of digital, which is impossible with digital cameras. The film emulsion is carefully chosen by a film developer who develops the film and provides us with the final image. Unfortunately, the time and money required for this process make many amateur photographers shy away from analog photography. Still, artists worldwide have continuously found new ways to overcome these barriers to create what they call “Analog Perfection.”

Rehat Kathuria, the founder of Eff and a passionate photographer, has decided to give analog photography a new spin. As a software developer, he has developed a perfect companion for analog photography called Emulsion, which is being released by Eff. The tools created by Rehat have enabled amateur photographers to work similarly to professional ones by giving them a basic set of tools that can be easily modified to fit the exact requirements of their analog pictures.

Rehat is an artist and founder of Eff. His company is passionate about art and software development. It is integrating the two passions to empower photographers to create new photographic techniques and produce better quality photos than what they were able to do before using conventional photography techniques.

The main focus of Emulsion would be to revolutionize the way a photographer convert their film negatives and ultimately produce an analog photograph. It utilizes the power of machine learning and polynomial curve transformations to give the user a head start in editing their photos by providing them with automated tools that produce excellent results every single time without losing the natural feel of an analog photograph.

As a teenager, Rehat started developing an interest in photography. His English teacher, who supported his passion, gave him his first camera. The desire was so strong that he decided to start a company that turned into a startup, Eff. This invention can lead to a whole new generation of photographers while nudging the community that has been stagnant since the rise of digital photography.

Rehat’s invention will positively impact amateur and professional photographers alike by making the processes much easier and more efficient than it has ever been before. Photographers have been able to find ways to overcome all the barriers which used to make analog photography almost impossible for them, but this technology will remove those barriers entirely.

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