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Omais Khan: The Gem of Influencing Industry

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Omais Khan had a passion for acting and influencing since he was a child. As he grew up, the flame that was within him grew too. From acting and theatre in school’s annual function Omais has come a long way. Omais is a Bangalore-based influencer who started his journey as a 19-year-old passionate boy, a boy who was passionate about acting and modelling and chose this as his career.

Omais came from an average Indian-Middle class family and was born and brought up in Bangalore. His parents Rownak Ulla Khan and Tasneem Khan, wanted Omais to be a doctor or an engineer, but destiny had different plans for Omais. Omais, though too, had other pursuits like getting into the professions like cabin crew or acting. In the future, he plans to go into acting and achieve various milestones as he has achieved in the influencing industry. Omais says, “It is so nice to see people get motivated from you and see people getting positive vibes from you. I love this.” As an influencer Omais makes sure that his followers and fans get the best and most positive content. He makes sure that hatred or negativity is nowhere around.

Omais has a great audience who waits for his posts and content on Instagram and the Josh app, where he is a verified account. It is with his dedication and determination that he has achieved so much. The flame became fire over time and earned Omais everything that he has today. But before switching to the influencing industry, Omais was doing a 9 to 5 job in the corporate sector. When Omais was asked what made him change and why he switched, he said, “I couldn’t leave the job because it was the source of income for me, and I couldn’t just leave it. There were so many factors to consider. But knowing that I had a passion for acting and modelling, the passion was something that made me switch.” Omais followed his passion with great enthusiasm, and now he equally loves his work as an influencer. An influencer is not just showing and bringing new things to people, but it also means making sure the good energy and vibes are passed through— Omais follows his principles and preaches the same.

As time passes, things change with time. Omais realized what he was meant for and is now pursuing the same. He affiliates and associates with various brands and projects. Omais makes sure to bridge the gap between the audience and the brand with his technique that is love. He does everything with love and passion and passes on a great message. To quote Omais, “Love yourself, focus on yourself and understand yourself!

Omais remarks, “Being a star and making someone a star is as important.” Starting from square one to success, there is much hard work, patience, and understanding. The support of Omais’s loved ones is something that he recalls and mentions, and he is inspired by the faith that his followers, family, and friends put in him. Inspiration is necessary for anything Omais takes from Ranveer Singh and Danish Zehen. The creativity and skill to become what you want to become require patience and risks. Omais, in his journey, took a lot of them, even while making some important decisions. But in the world of influencing Omais has made his benchmark.

Omais keeps working hard towards his audience and motivates them with his journey.


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