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Meet Dheeraj Panwar who wants to do something big for his country.

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Today we are going to talk about such a person, he is a person who thinks more about the future of his country than himself. His name is Dheeraj Panwar, who is a resident of Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. They have their own sports showroom which is in Jodhpur. He belongs to a middle class family but he wants to do something big in his life.
A young person’s thinking is how to achieve his goal and have to fulfill our passion or pleasure. But Dheeraj’s thinking is very different, he wants to help those people who have the passion to do something for the country. Recently, he has given all the sports items for free in more than 100 government schools. They want that if a person donates a little of his income, then our country will go far ahead. His favorite sports person is Cristiano Ronaldo and he has learned a lot from him that how can we help someone with this precious life that we have got. We should learn from them that our ability is not necessary according to our age. If you ignore watching the wrong thing happen then your life is worthless. You need to think about how to fix all those things, only then your life is successful.

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