Mazayah Legend Andrews’ Diversifying His Entrepreneurial Portfolio

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The world’s entire population wishes to build stable careers. Some do that by landing a dream job, while others establish their businesses. The developing start-up ecosystem has convinced many individuals to step into the corporate landscape. Few people start by setting up their organizations from the beginning. On the other hand, some people believe in gaining some experience in their fields before they lay the foundations of their company. After acquiring quality professional experience, there is a point in life when a person begins to dream about building their own venture

Setting up ventures requires time, effort, and courage to take risks. The people who are willing to take risks and put in all their efforts are called entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur uniquely contributes to society, establishing their name in the market. One such risk-taker is Mazayah Legend Andrews. He is a dynamic visionary who founded Vakarui Paris, a limited-edition shoe concept. Even after acquiring a net worth of $2.1 million, Mazayah did not stop his efforts to become a successful entrepreneur. Born on October 14, 1985, in Boynton Beach in Florida, Mazayah is a warlike soul who firmly believes in diversity and versatility.

Mazayah’s hunger and eagerness to succeed as a business owner helped him take his net worth to $3.9 million. He has embraced diversity and stepped into various fields.

Transforming the Initial Shoe Brand to a Clothing Line

In 2015, in Florida, Mazayah established Vakarui Paris Collection. As a firm worshipper of hard work and devotion, he planned to build up his fashion brand as one of Florida’s top-ranked companies. His brand centered upon refined creativity. His thought was to connect the clients with the creators. It was an impression of the maker’s internal enthusiasm, converted into a medium in which all can be entitled to communicate.

Mazayah knew that to take his business towards success, he needs to put in extensive efforts. Initially, his brand produced shoes. Utilizing his knowledge of the shoe concept, he picked Italy for manufacturing. Despite working on his shoe designs, Mazayah wanted to do something more. Things were tough for him until he met a mentor. The aspiring entrepreneur shared his plans of shoe designs with the director of Stonecrest Mall. The director conveyed significant appreciation for this trademark and offered him a retail outlet in his mall. From there, Mazayah’s journey as a successful entrepreneur began. He invested in the business and helped it grow further.

After the success of the brand, Mazayah opened his venture’s second shop in Atlanta. The trademark that started with just two models is now remembered for two noticeable style shows in Atlanta and Miami. In this way, the 35-year-old entrepreneur had made himself a perfect fit for the corporate world.

Mazayah’s venture that started as a shoe brand is now a top-ranked fashion brand with a separate clothing line. It has its headquarters in Hallandale with two branches; one at Stonecrest Mall and the other close to the Lenox retail plaza in Atlanta. The venture works through its electronic media business page and has a trademark in Paris too.

Expanding the Portfolio with Diversification

A business requires investments to make its objectives achievable, and so did Mazayah feel the need. After effectively setting up and converting his shoe adventure into a successful clothing line, Mazayah thought about investing in a profitable domain.

Keeping fascination for how the business works, Mazayah, bit by bit, created revenue in the venture space. As proficient, he is in adapting to diverse viewpoints, and he started looking for new ways to expand the business. His course of approach was to invest into a long haul and for a significant result. This introduced him to putting investments into flying taxis.

Investing ‘In’ and ‘For’ the Future

For Mazayah, investing was initially for the sake of future savings. He believes that if anyone comes up with a unique idea, it should not be wasted. Rather, people need to believe in each other’s efforts. It is this primary reason that Mazayah decided to invest in flying taxis. To many people, the concept of flying taxis does not seem accomplishable. Despite such conflicts, Mazayah believes that investing ‘in’ the future is as necessary as investing ‘for’ the future.

Supporting the previous explanation, Mazayah, on multiple forums, discussed that an individual should consistently save to invest in their future. As per Mazayah, investing is the best type of saving. An individual should be sufficiently wise to keep their bank balance secure. It assists them with managing any conceivable situation later. As life is another name of its great and awful stages, Mazayah feels that individuals should not be indiscreet to not think about their personal and professional lives. A savvy person is somebody who plans out a daily routine to live a stable life.

On the contrary, Mazayah also mentions that where a person invests for their future, they must equally invest for the betterment of the world. Addressing the evolution of technology, Mazayah encourages others to invest in the future. According to him, flying taxis are ready to overtake worldwide travel. It is the latest form of technological evolution to date. Mazayah mentions that if financially independent people start investing in such evolutions, the world can become a better place. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Mazayah stayed a firm believer of investing for a better future. One of his greatest inspirations is Elon Musk. Mazayah stated that his respect for Elon Musk knew no bounds. One must learn the art of investments from him. His hard work and accomplishments are among the main reasons for Mazayah’s interest in investing in technology itself.

Apart from his valuable investments in flying taxis, Mazayah also invested in the stock market. As common as it sounds, money invested in purchasing a share gives back greater profit. Accumulating all these investments contributed to a fraction of Mazayah’s net worth. He also owns a smoke shop called “Z Smoke Shop,” which contributes to most of Mazayah’s net worth. It helps him raise an amount of a hundred thousand to quarter million dollars a year.

Today, Mazayah has emerged out to be a successful entrepreneur. His goal in life is to motivate others to work for themselves. Succeeding in different phases of life, Mazayah’s hard work has certainly proved him a dynamic entrepreneur. Starting from ground-zero, today, his venture holds a distinguished identity in the world of fashion. He is an example of hard work blended with determination and passion for achieving what and living the life one dreams to live


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