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Lil Capo Trill, a talented rapper is the voice behind Gangway.

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Lil Capo Trill is a young artist making noise with his unique delivery of style in music. Capo’s unique style in music has been separating him from the pack of countless other artists. Music is indeed an art form and when it comes to rapping. Capo has mastered the art of music. He started his music journey at the very young age of 15 and has not looked back since.
Capo puts his versatile approach to song-making on full display throughout the year. Yes, he was young but because of his love for music, his fanbase started growing rapidly. Some stand-out tracks Chief Keef’s “Every day” and “Gangway” by Lil Herb which are songs that are still booming in the mind of music lovers.

Over the years, Hip Hop, especially rap has grown to be one of the most favored music genres for people all over the world. As exciting the rap is, it can be quite challenging to excel, however, Capo has shown no sign of slack in his craft and continually demonstrates his musical abilities.
For Capo, music has been one of his main passion. He used to listen to artists like Big L, Tupac, Lil Wayne, and Meek Mill, these artists are his biggest inspiration, he always tries to learn something from these artists.

Lil Capo Trill posing

Capo has worked with several other well-known big artists in the rap scene, including producer and rapper Lemagic, Yung Tuda, and Luduende. In an era where many new rappers are praise for their social media antics and gimmicks, Capo continues to stand firm on his morals and beliefs as a true hip-hop artist that the next generations can respect and aspire to be. Each track will make you want to listen to the next one that follows. Many artists lost their dreams and career because of pandemics but despite the pandemic, he releases many of his tracks like “Safe to Say” alongside Baltimores very own ‘Lor Sosa” which is available on all streaming platforms.
Capo has impressed his fans with his creations and storytelling music. He is currently working on his album “The Take Off’. He says that he has always been a music fan! he calls it the sound of emotion. He was much inspired by the power of music to bring emotional change.
“Music speaks to the spiritual levels, therefore, using music, we can really change people’s lives,” he said.
He uses his personal experience to write his music, but equally as important, he likes to use music as an outlet to voice his opinion on various social issues.
Capo is an independent artist with the amazing skill of making amazing music in this era. He is giving great value to the music world through his work and efforts. He is a great example of a musician and an inspirational person.

How can someone not become a fan of him? Well, I know you too have become a fan of Lil Capo Trill. Then what are you waiting for? Follow him on his Instagram:


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