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Interview with Dr. Shreyasee Konar

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About Shreyasee Konar

“Disfruta de tu viaje creativo”

Indian roots, Global recognitions.

An Honorary Doctorate Degree Holder in Global Influence, a Certified Global Woman and Therapeutic Art Life Coach – Dr. Shreyasee Konar, is a Global Award-Winning Artist,
CEO, Creative Entrepreneur & Thought Leader. She has made exemplary contributions in the fields of Art, Design, Entrepreneurship & Women Empowerment. She is an Alumni of the “Introduction to Who Wrote Shakespeare” program at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Her edutainment indie docu ‘GO BEYOND – Creativity Connecting Communities beyond Regions &
Religions’ premiered on 30th May 2022. Primary focus is on the integration of diversity, inclusion, creativity and the use of technology as a strong connectivity tool.

Her Award Winning initiative during the pandemic – Creación uplifted Artists, Entrepreneurs & Initiatives
around the Globe by providing Diverse, Multicultural & Accessible platforms. (June 2021-22)

Creative Visualisation, Branding and Leadership are her core strengths, impacting several lives around the Globe. She effortlessly juggles multiple roles from an Abstract Artist to a Global Leader.

After 30 International Awards across 14 countries, the word ‘Influence’ for her defines a Voice. A voice that is so important to have in today’s volatile society, a voice that represents, reflects and connects communities Globally incorporating the arenas of Art, Design and Business. Despite having no dialogues, her first film: Pipe Dream – 3D Animated Short Film (Jan 2019), was honoured across 13 countries because it had an Impactful and Empowering Vision.

She is grateful to the various international publications that have covered by success moments from time-to-time. To know about her previous and upcoming projects, visit her official website –


Q – You are the Director of “Go Beyond” what is the film all about?
‘GO BEYOND’ is an edutainment indie documentary about ‘Creativity Connecting Communities
beyond Regions & Religions.

Q – What were the initial challenges of making of this film and how did you overcome them?
The pandemic and geographical limitations were the primary concerns during the making of the film. I could overcome them effectively by undergoing a Therapeutic Art Life coaching training.

Q – Who are your motivations and why?
My motivation has always been to create a Positive Global Impact with a blend of Art, Design and Entrepreneurship.

Q – What are your future plans and objectives?
A successful philanthropist in the next 5 years.

Q – Could you please share us your experience about directing this film?
It is definitely not an easy process! Directing any creative project demands you to be a good multitasker. Fortunately, I have been receiving a superb response Globally.

Q – What were the initial challenges in your career and how did you overcome them?
Till this day, I still face negativity from people who find it difficult to appreciate Success. Ignorance is Bliss.

Q – What advice would you give new artists?
Strengthen your basics before creating your own unique style

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