Interview with Bangladeshi Singer and Vevo Records founder – Advin Ziwar

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Advin Ziwar professionally known name. Many people know him as Md Habibur Rahaman. Advin Ziwar is a Bangladeshi singer, digital marketer & entrepreneur. Advin Ziwar was born in Chandpur district of Chittagong division of Bangladesh.

He has been working successfully on digital marketing since 2021. As his profession, he has set up a digital marketing training center in his town on his own initiative; From which new freelancers are constantly being created. Growing up with a computer at a young age and learning life as well as his own freelancing world and as a result in a very short time he became known as a renowned digital marketing teacher.

In recent times, his songs have gained widespread popularity on all social media, including YouTube and Facebook. Advin Ziwar is also currently active in music publishing. Advin Ziwar is currently a well known name in the music industry of Bangladesh including digital market.

At one point in the conversation, Advin Ziwar said that he never thought of making his debut as a successful digital marketer. The global Corona epidemic when normal human activity has come to a standstill; In a situation where infertility has taken a terrible turn, she has shared her online live classes and videos on social media “Advin Ziwar” Facebook page as part of her own and other’s entertainment while sitting at home.

Advin Ziwar said, at first I did not understand anything. I started learning by searching on internet and google and youtube. But from success to failure the burden grows. I’m a little disappointed. However, he did not back down from the decision. There were not so many courses then as there are now. I really wanted to work in Wave-Development. But I didn’t get much success, so I kept working on digital marketing. After that, I learned the work of SEO and continue to work on it.

He currently manages two companies. One of the two companies of Advin Ziwar is Advin Ziwar Services. The company currently serves a number of clients, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Content Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing Provides.

Another company of Advin Ziwar is Vevo Records which is a Record label company. Vevo Records Private Limited registered under the Company’s Act, 2020 is an music distribution & publishing company situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Vevo Records provide music distribution to independent artists & record labels, who wants to promote their music worldwide. Vevo Records help them to grow independently.

Now Advin Ziwar is working hard. Being able to stand on his own two feet is his greatest achievement. He is hopeful that even if he earns Rs 1.5 lakh a month now, it will increase several times in a few days. Because in the coming days freelancing will become several times more popular than at present. I want to start a startup venture in the future.

The young freelancer said that the future of Bangladesh will depend on information technology. This is why digital marketing is so important in the future. Due to the Corona epidemic, the people of the country have taken a few steps forward in the use of information technology. Besides, big companies are leaning towards freelancing work.

Advin Ziwar’s advice for those interested in freelancing, there are different types of work in the field of digital marketing. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. It is not possible to work in a marketplace with a vague idea about what you are interested in working on. It must be frustrating. So there is no substitute for gaining skill and patience.

Advin Ziwar is also a successful and happy man in his personal life. Because, he has caring parents and multiple siblings, who always support him to go further. The inspiration of all always inspires Advin Ziwar to dedicate himself for the good of others. And according to him, Habib is constantly following that path.


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