Indian Security Researcher Tarun Garg finds security vulnerabilities in websites and secures them for us.

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Ethical hacking is no new concept and India has seen a breed of such young enthusiasts in the past. What has changed is the money that comes with it as cyber-attacks on businesses across industries have grown multi-fold in the era of digital transformation.

Meet Tarun Garg, a Security Researcher and an Ethical Hacker from the city Hisar in the state of Haryana, he hacked into large companies and protected them from black hat hackers (bad hackers).

Tarun is currently pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from JMIT Radaur, Kurukshetra University.

With hands-on experience in Linux, Network Security, Web, and Android Application Security, he is also working as a Security Researcher at Loginsoft Pvt. Ltd.

He achieved various globally recognised cyber security certification by passing rigorous practical level hacking exams like Certified Ethical Hacker Practical Exam by EC-Council with 100% score & eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester  (eJPT) by eLearnSecurity with 95% score.

He has completed various internships as Cyber Security Specialist at well-recognised organization like Gurugram Police Cyber Cell, Blue Planet Info Solution Pvt. Ltd. , ATG Worlds Pvt. Ltd. etc.

Tarun Garg

He is also a bug hunter and got acknowledged by 30+ companies include Apple, Oracle, Tidepool Techgig, Doppler, Fortress Safety, Legally Breaking, Inflectra, Chalk, Hive Stream and many more. With his skills he secured many governments agencies like NCIIPC, CERT-EU, NASA from black hat hackers and helped  Bournemouth University of Poole, UK to make their system secure. Companies rewarded dollars, swags and Hall of fames to him for finding security vulnerabilities in their systems.

He has also secured  various open-Source applications and was rewarded bounties and also got assigned CVEs like  CVE-2022-1457, CVE-2022-1514, CVE-2022-1543

He also shares his knowledge by uploading videos related to cyber security on his YouTube Channel







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