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Music is something that people from all parts of the world have been appreciating for a long time, and it is nothing new to see someone from a different culture and background as mainstream musicians find his calling under the global spotlight. An example of one such musician is Ali Asadian. 

Ali Asadian is a rising singer from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Ali Asadian has always had a passion for all things artistic and found solace in listening to and creating music. “Music made me feel like I belong and that wherever I am and whoever I am with, as long as I have music, I will know that I am not alone. It honestly makes me understand my true purpose in life which is to devote my voice to creating something that I have always loved”, adds Ali Asadian. It is quite honourable how Ali Asadian thinks of music to not just be a career choice but a means of following his true passion in life- something that many artists who have been in the industry for a long time forget to realise.

Ali Asadian is a singer with not just the ability to express the hard work that he has put in into his career but also the god-given talent he has for singing. With an amazingly smooth and melodious voice, Ali Asadian has been charming people left and right. One would assume that Ali Asadian would be better fitted for something slower such as ballads. However, Ali Asadian has foregone others’ opinions and listens to what his heart calls out for by dedicating his voice to middle-eastern rock music. Some of his songs are Ey Falak, Zahra Zahra, Chahar Beyti and Baradar, from his recent album Darde Jodaei. Although this can be considered as Ali Asadian’s first official album, he has already proven himself and his creativity by releasing 8 completely different tracks released on all popular music streaming platforms such as YouTube Music, Spotify and JioSaavn. All of them have been greatly appreciated and Ali Asadian presently has over 330 monthly listeners on his Spotify account and almost 1000 followers on his Instagram.

Talking about his future plans Ali Asadian hopes to go truly International and bring his music to a global fanbase. Ali Asadian has played an undeniable role in the music industry and we hope to see more of him in the future. Make sure you stay updated with this fantastic singer by following him on his social media profiles linked below:



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