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Hala Owais is taking over the world of beauty while becoming a leading makeup artist with her eyelash brand – Shop Hala.

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When people hear the words “Beauty Educator” the first thing that usually comes to mind is beautiful skin. A Beauty Educator is someone who educates on different aspects of beauty. It could be makeup, haircare, personal care and even wellness! So, let’s put the limelight on such a person who educates people on the importance of a good skincare routine and which product suits a particular skin type by providing information about the ingredients present in the products.

If you are a beauty aficionado, you may have heard of this brilliant beauty educator, Hala Owais. Even if you haven’t, make sure you bookmark this article so that you can turn to the same whenever you want to create head-turning looks. In Hala’s perspective, beauty is in everyone, it doesn’t have any definition, it just comes from within and that’s what I try to reflect through my work. Although, sometimes it’s easy to lose ourselves in the definition of beauty that the industry creates! Beauty is much more than just appearance.

Hala further described Instagram and beauty educators go hand in hand they’re a match made in beauty heaven. Over the years, many beauty educators have amassed massive followers on the social media platform because of their forward-thinking techniques, incredible pictures. Hala’s endless updates on beauty tips, personal care and mastering the perfect contour, education on new products and mini-tutorials will keep you up to date with all the hottest / classic trends. She is a Dubai based beauty educator who works with several brands for content creation and is well known for her precise and exquisite beauty tips and tricks. Her beauty vlogs always update her fans with easy to follow tutorials and methods to naturally accentuate their features. On Instagram, you can find Hala posting beauty related content included with healthy, glowing skin, though you’ll find plenty of high glam and “no-makeup makeup” looks as well. Hala is a real veteran. Needless to say, if you like soft glam, she’s your artist.

Beauty educators have the real tea when it comes to the best beauty hacks. Not only do they play a big part in how glamorous one looks, but they are a real treasure trove of beauty tips. Hala advised, using a foundation on the entire face can end up looking cakey. So only go over the areas that need a bit of correction. This will allow the skin to look healthy. Don’t overdo your entire face and keep things clean and fresh!
Her signature look is defined by glowing, highlighted skin, warm and alluring eye makeup, and soft, rosy lips—all achievable with good products, of course. Hala’s idea of beauty is simplicity, elegance, something that is flattering and not necessarily over the top. To put it in a nutshell, her idea of beauty is, feminine, beautiful and something that is classic. This 25-year-old educator unleashes great creativity when it comes to makeup.

As Hala explains, she has been working solo as an Influencer since starting being an aesthetician with a goal to educate, inspire everybody via social media. It’s very difficult for her to manage her eyelash brand- “Shop Hala” alongside her influencer partnerships. “Everyone working in social media will relate that we invest more time in being online and keep engaging- so it can be a pretty damaging cycle we face. Still, it is the best decision I have ever made,” says Hala.

Hala’s journey commenced when she was quite young. With no formal training, she still became the respected and influential artist that she is today. She is known for her innovative techniques that helped her alter the industry. Hala’s artistry, centred on enhancing inner beauty, is at once unpretentious and aspirational. Due to her hard work and peer appraisals, Hala got a chance to work with many eminent brands like Too Faced, Laura Mercier, Mac Cosmetics, Sephora middle east, Dyson hair and now coming up with interesting projects in the forthcoming months.

You may follow her on Instagram Handle @hala.owais

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