Goan Insider and Artiste Domain, Story of two leading companies, co-founded by Jonas Monteiro.

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Goan Insider is one of Goa’s leading news and media publication, founded by Jonas Monteiro and Gaurav Bora with the goal of providing a prime recognized media platform for young entrepreneurs, creators, and new businesses in Goa to expose themselves and get their stories out to the public, allowing them to build a brand image and engage with customers in a great way to develop a brand voice. Needless to say, whether you are looking to raise your public profile or hoping to get the word out about a new product, media coverage is one of the best ways to get your company noticed and the one that helps you to stand out from the crowd.

The news portal Goan Insider was launched in the year 2020. However, it was never a simple and clear start. Customer trust is, without a doubt, ethereal, challenging to comprehend, emotional, and irrational. It took Goan Insider a year from its establishment to take the first move toward demonstrating its trustworthiness to clients, who finally returned the favour and trusted them. Their efforts throughout the state revealed Jonas’ vision, which he turned into a working business with methods for achieving the desired results. The primary overview of his goals and actions led to actual outcomes as outlined in the strategy execution.

Jonas Monteiro is a DJ, karaoke host, singer-songwriter, musician, writer, entrepreneur, psychologist, and event organizer. Multi-faceted personality Jonas surprisingly excels in everything he does, and he does it subsequently with the same ease and elan all rolled into one, bursting with talent. Mushrooming all over the place, Jonas had co-founded Artiste Domain, one of India’s leading event management and artist booking agencies. 

“My business partner Harsh and I have always been enthusiastic about music, and it is because of our devotion and love for music that we have been able to onboard some of the most well-known artists in the underground as well as commercial music industry from all over the world,” Jonas says. Despite the technical obstacles, we have found that nothing is more fulfilling than the ultimate result, which begins with witnessing people having fun, connecting, and sharing an experience. Knowing that you put this together and made it happen makes all of your hard work worthwhile, which is why we are overjoyed to form Artiste Domain.”

Global Talent Agency and Techtales are two other prominent event companies from India that have supported Jonas and Harsh with their growth of Artiste Domain. 

Unlike any business owner, Jonas, too, had put a lot of emphasis on his growth and worked each day tenaciously on branding his business. He had put his name out there and got people talking about his two ventures. However, dealing with criticism has never been easy for him on a personal level. He never tempted himself to go on an angry tirade and strike back against those who criticized him. Rather, he handled every criticism maturely and responsively and gave back with a harsh blow. Indeed, his actions spoke louder than his words, and he credits today’s success to everyone who talked trash in the past. 

Jonas further shares his struggling journey in a crux “I’ve had days where I only ate one meal per day to make ends meet in Bangalore, given the high cost of living in a city. And today, I don’t have to worry about my meals. Hustling is necessary. I went door to door and venue to venue to sell my services. I’d get one conversion for every 30 pitches. And now I’m getting calls from people that want to hire me. I believe that if you treat each client as though they are the most important, you’ll end up giving your all. And this has a big impact in the long run”.

Through his venture Artiste Domain, Jonas takes productions to the next level. Harsh and Jonas, along with his team of creative and passionate professionals, qualified in every event aspect, exceeds their clients’ expectations with comprehensive services right from conception to implementation and makes every event memorable. 

He concludes with his words of wisdom for the young entrepreneurs “I advise young entrepreneurs and artists to make use of every option at their disposal in order to have a quick growth, be it social media, networking, PR, etc, every little bit contributes to your success. And take negative criticism as a stepping stone towards achieving your dreams”.


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