Entrepreneur Wannie Johannes Van Aerle: The Commercial Director Of A Multi-millionaire Business

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Wannie Johannes Van Aerle (Leroy) is 32 years old (was born on January 1, 1990 in Enschede, Netherlands) and he lives in the Netherlands at the early age of 17. Wannie started his career with a summer job in door-to-door sales.

After a couple of weeks, they offered Wannie Johannes a contract for life. Cause of his interpretation of the way how sales must work and how to project my talent on other people. This was in 2007 and he was just 17 years old.

Wannie Johannes Van Aerle was the commercial director of a multi-millionaire business. Meanwhile, in 2011 he made little
a mistake by not buying Bitcoins. After 2 years in 2013, he bought his first bitcoins at a low price of $800 on average.

From 2013 till now he is still busy in the crypto business and making over 4M USD. Meanwhile, the family business expands with some real estate, and some bars in his hometown, his next goals are real estate projects in the Dutch Caribbean (Curaçao), putting more hours into learning about NFTs, and spending more time to his hobbies.

Wannie Johannes got a big passion for photography cars, And also beginning with some producing of music and will continue to evolve those skills to the next level. One of his pictures was recently posted by one of the biggest camera companies in the Netherlands (kameraexpress).


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