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Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala Received Rajiv Gandhi Icon Prestigious Award.

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While women worldwide are excelling in every field, Dr Thejo Kumari Amudala from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh state, has devoted herself to bringing peace, love, and harmony among people. She is contributing to social work, for which she was awarded the Nelson Mandela NOBLE PEACE Award as one of many. Let’s learn about her story.

Dr Thejo Kumari Amudal comes from a middle-class family and got her education from the local government school. She a true testament to the fact that your history doesn’t matter. The story you write of yourself is what matters. She had started to show her social activist side since her school days and extended her hand to help people when they were in need during difficult times. She always longed for better education. She proved herself capable of striving and getting that for her on her own feet, successfully receiving degrees from prestigious schools of Indian Institution of Management (IIM) and Indian School of Busines (ISB). She further went on to study her business management from top universities such as Harvard, Stanford London business school, emas, etc.

She is not only a social activist but also identifies as an entrepreneur. She is presently associated with Theja Business solutions as the Director, which is registered with the ministry of corporate Affairs. She has marked her place in different types of business. She is definitely a jane of all trades. She has made moves not only in India but abroad as well. She has worked in the import and export of clothing. She has turned to the arena of medicine and has a business in pharmaceuticals as well. What more?

Along with her dynamic personality, she also bedazzles us with her business in jewelry. With such a tight schedule, she still visits villages nearby and educates them about essential things like AIDS and its prevention. She is the light bearer that we all need.

Dating back to a time so long ago, even with a lot of encouragement, she, as a young lady, couldn’t participate in the Ms India pageant due to various circumstances. Participating with a bikini was a case in point. Still, now, as some of the pageants don’t need that, she finally participated in the Ms India pageant and got crowned as Ms India glam international 2022. Her life proves to us that you can do it all. She was recognized for her work socially and has been honoured with awards like Gandhi peace, Bharathiya Sourya Samman, Rashtriya Preran award from minister Sri Shanked Lalwani. She was also rightfully recognized as ‘the emerging talent of the decade.’ She is going to get the Ms Asia Universe Winner Crown on the 14th. Unsurprisingly she is the first of the global peace ambassadors, and how could she not be? When asked about who she looked up to, she acknowledged the important values of the greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, APJ Abdul Kalam, etc. She is the first person to receive RAGIV GANDHI ICON PRESTIGIOUS AWARD for outstanding achievements and contributions over the past years. We were stunned by the number of honours she has received. We asked her about her feelings on this, but all that Dr Thejo Kumari had to say was, “I do my work for the sake of doing it, and because I enjoy spreading happiness, an award is just a bonus but never the actual reward of spreading pure joy!” We all can learn a thing or two from Dr Thejo. We also asked her if she had any learnings to give to the youth. She said, “Whenever you’re having a little time on hand, visit an orphanage or an old age home in the city or village doesn’t matter. You’ll truly gain perspective, and that will teach you enough.”


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