DJ Rik, The New Gem Of Music Industry

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A Dj and Music Producer, and even a Lyricist, DJ Rik has always been a music buff, But DJ Rik has been involved in this profession since 2009.

DJ Rik an Example For Those who want to go beyond their means and do the impossible, Best known for his Bollywood remixes and fusions of Chillout and Pop Music and incorporating traditional Folk melodies, he knows just how to hypnotize up the people with the perfect sense of Music.

We asked few questions about DJ Rik’s Journey.

1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career path so far?

– I’m DJ Rik from Kolkata, India. I’m serving this industry since 2009. Started off with Djing at local events and venues, then gradually updated myself with required industry standard skills to cement a place in the music industry.

2) What is it about your work that makes you want to get up every morning?

– I’m not produce music , this is the only way to express my emotions.

3) What part of your occupation do you personally find most satisfying and most challenging?

– The most satisfying part is we, the musicians, our job is to make people happy or feel a certain emotion with our work or performance. The most challenging part is making people happy. The most enjoyable challenge you can say.

4) What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your profile alone?

– Hahaha. Well, I won’t say that. Let people find it out. It’s an interesting ‘secret’.

5) What skills are the most crucial to succeeding in this career? What type of person do you need to be?

– Being in music industry and to survive here the most important skill one needs to develop is his/her musicality. Rest are Marketing, Social Media, Communication Skills.

6) What are some things outside of work that you’re irrationally passionate about?

– Without Music ? Nothing… But I love to spend time with My family.

7) How is this industry affected by the economy pre and post-pandemic?

– This covid – 19 has taken a toll on almost each and every profession. For ours, live music scene has been stopped as mass gathering is strictly prohibited these days. Yes, that’s it. Because a major part of our income comes from live performance.

8) From your perspective, what are the problems you see working in this field? What was the biggest challenge you were facing?

– Problems which we face are mostly financial problems and family or peer pressure to be honest. Some other problems are irregular sleep cycle which is not good for health at all. Mental health is also an issue here. Coming to my challenge, hailing from a middle class family, choosing music as a career was a tough decision and even tougher was to make my family believe in such professions’ existence. And there were some small struggles as well, like building contact, my own profile and etc., which are the basic struggles almost every artists go through.

9) Moving forward, do you have any special words of encouragement for our readers as a result of your experience?

– “Believe In Yourself Today Tomorrow Will Be Yours”.

Keep working on your goals, Don’t rush, Don’t run away from your obstacles.

10) On the last note, would you like to give us an insight on your future plan.

– I’m looking forward and planning in order to step into the Bollywood Industry. That’s all I can share for now. Rest are “Secrets”.


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