Bollywood Singer Siddharth Koli -from a family of police officers and politicians to a million hearts with his music.

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“Work so hard that your success makes a noise”. This may seem like a cliché, but Siddharth Koli has made it come true with his commitment to his goal. Growing up, Siddharth’s friends always thought that he’d land a government job just like several of his family members who served in the police force or were revered politicians. However, Siddharth had unique plans. He was passionate about music and wanted to follow it as a profession. He thought he wouldn’t get the required support from his family, who treated music as just a hobby, but he was wrong. His family motivated him more than anyone had expected.
Siddharth comes from a family of politicians and police officers, but he still has ample creative inspiration to derive from veteran actor Govinda, who is Siddharth’s uncle. He says that this motivated him to make his mark in the entertainment industry.
Siddharth started learning music when he was 9 and continued to follow his passion. As he grew up, the spark within him also intensified and he continued to master his craft. Apart from receiving appreciation from family and teachers, he also started getting paid contracts.
He learned to sing under the guidance of legendary singers Shri Suresh Wadkar, Ms.Padma Wadkar, and Sharmishta Chatterjee. This guiding light has helped him come so far and he is thankful to have received such support. While Siddharth followed his passion for music, he didn’t stop his formal education and graduated from Thakur college of science and commerce. Throughout his school and college years, he continued to receive accolades for his mesmerizing performances in fests and competitions.
Siddharth proudly says that he is on a journey of learning and will continue to get inspiration and learn from every possible source. Many projects are lined up for Siddharth and he is proud of his achievements. However, he hopes to continue achieving greater heights in the coming years. Siddharth has performed alongside talented singers like Stebin Ben, Rahul Vaidya, and Maninder Buttar and has been the face of more than 1000 live shows to date.
He has received applause at corporate events, weddings, cocktail parties, and other private events. This includes the recent Mumbai wedding of Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar.
Music enthusiasts and party guests love Siddharth for his capability to turn any dull event into a music lover’s delight. Siddharth has achieved his dreams and set a great example for everyone.
We wish Siddharth luck in his future and hope others follow suit and shape their career the way they want to.

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