Anshu Dikshant, An Excellent Digital Marketer And Singer, Combines His Passions To Set New Records

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The internet is now a cornerstone of our lives. We use it to check the weather and order everyday essentials to pay our bills. Most importantly, we use it to find and connect.

With over 3 billion people online, businesses need to start focusing on how they can reach customers where they are: on their phones and computers. And that means embracing digital marketing—reaching out to potential customers through the internet and social media platforms.

In the past few years, digital marketing has grown from a frivolous idea to a powerful force in all facets of the business. Whether it’s an election or product branding, proper utilization of digital marketing has given tremendous outputs.

There is an undeniable need for digital marketing experts who can help companies and solopreneurs better understand the digital game and plan effective campaigns that will be relatable to the audience.

Born on 3 July 1991 in Siwan Bihar, Anshu Dikshant is a Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author, Musical Artist, Influencer, and Youtuber. He is one of those who recognized the potential of digital marketing and excelled at it when digital marketing was in a nascent stage in India.

Anshu’s interest in the world of digital marketing began while he was studying BCA at Sikkim Manipal University. While he was pursuing his degree, he got introduced to the internet and computers, opening up a world of opportunity.

After graduating, Anshu took professional training in digital marketing and then landed a job with a Patna-based Californian multinational company as an online marketing expert. He worked there for six years, during which time he got the chance to put his knowledge into practice by working on campaigns for clients all over India.

After spending more than one and half years abroad, Anshu had a feeling that there was so much to do in the field of digital entrepreneurship, and he must give back to the society what the universe had blessed him with; the knowledge. So, Anshu relocated to Patna, Bihar, and started his Achievers IT Solutions firm. His firm provides marketing services to businesses based in Bihar and worldwide.

Anshu also trains young people from Bihar on how to use digital marketing to their advantage to stay in their home state and build careers there. He believes that Bihar has untapped talent that needs proper guidance if unlocked and utilized.

Anshu aims to empower his community from Bihar so they can stop their migration elsewhere in search of jobs and better opportunities.

Anshu Dikshant is known for being the best Digital Marketing Trainer in Bihar. He shares his vast marketing knowledge with the students under a campaign named Learn from me and teaches five others.

Patna-based young Entrepreneur Anshu Dikshant carries this campaign through Facebook and YouTube, where he posts videos on how someone can make money online without much prior knowledge or experience in marketing. With the help of videos, he also explains how anyone can learn digital marketing if they set their mind to it.

He also hosts a show called Career Junction on the Youtube Channel and Facebook Page on Achievers Junction, where he invites different personalities on the show who are contributing to the field of education and entrepreneurship. Anshu considers Career Junction an instrument to interact with the youth of India and help them choose the right career path. More than six books about careers and entrepreneurship are an added excellence for the youth.

In India, the digital marketing business is seeing rapid growth. According to Anshu Dikshant, “Digital marketing will flourish in India in the coming years, and individuals with creativity and marketing skills will ride over the tide.”

In Anshu’s words, “Digital marketing is all about being distinct from the competition.” “You must develop innovative ideas for your customers that will assist them to differentiate themselves from their rivals.

Apart from excelling in digital marketing, Anshu has an innate passion for singing. He has released many of his original music tracks on the major music streaming platforms worldwide. He has also been a part of two video songs, in which he as acted and also lent his voice to the songs.

Anshu Dikshant is an exceptional internet marketer and singer. He is passionate about both of his fields, and he is always looking for new ways to combine them.

He has written books on Basic to advanced Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, and Inbound Marketing, etc. which are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms also.

Besides being a competent man in digital marketing and his niche area, he has a special interest in development for Bihar and his native language Bhojpuri. He has created many videos on YouTube about Bihar State and Bhojpuri Language. He has also sung a very nice and lovely Bhojpuri song “Pyar ke Batiya” which is the top-rated Bhojpuri song on IMDB.

His previous work in digital marketing has provided him with a distinct perspective on the world of music and entertainment. His passion for singing and acting will undoubtedly help him pursue his career in digital marketing.

Anshu’s firm has helped more than 300 businesses plan their marketing strategies effectively and mentored more than 1,000 students to hone their digital marketing knowledge.


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