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A picture can spur a thousand emotions; tell a million stories.

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Photography is the art of seizing a feeling, an emotion. A picture can tell exactly what it is supposed to say without any words. Today, there are a lot of budding photographers who are building the foundation of their life by following their dreams. @Oneagainatpeacetofly is one of them, and the artist came to showcase his work from January 2022 onward from the world of art, and from France. Obviously inspired by intense colours, Oneagainatpeacetofly is putting his talents to work for the greater good. An art director, who commits himself to all the levels of photography to create something momentous, he uploads incredible series of symbolic photographs on Instagram and creates crowdfunding initiatives to raise money for charities linked to his picture’s graphic theme. 

What’s triggering is that he seems to have overstepped his role as an art director and dedicated himself to a quite more extended range of creative outputs on this project : he is seemingly involved at every level of the process – from set design to make-up, stylism, photography and then retouching.

Apart from showcasing beautiful art, One again at peace to fly also stands for something higher : finding more resources for charity, using his art as leverage for crowd-funding. Being non-profit, the capital invested in the project stems from the creator’s side hustle. He’s thrilled about taking his venture to new heights by creating inspirational art that’s prominent, meaningful, purposeful and talks to the audience.

Still, we don’t know much from this creative, who is raising people’s attention but remaining anonymous for now, answering DMs with questions, yet not revealing his identity to the public.

Some of his pictures make you think, some make you joyful, others inspire you, and many can trigger tempers. What all these pictures have in common is their power to evoke an emotion in the audience whilst raising an appetite for debate and change. @Oneagainatpeacetofly truly believes in the power that a picture can holds when linked to a cause; he is there to convey a strong message in the form of art, but also generate tangible streams of new resources for charities that lift our society. Oneagainatpeacetofly affirms that the power of words or ideas is not enough in a world where art can actually do so much more, given it’s new massive exposure through social media, the latter explaining his decision to raise funding for the cause these charities work diligently for. ‘The goal is to produce outstanding images with minimal resources.’ He aspires to get more audiences engaged in visual art and to motivate them to see beyond the value of art and dig deeper into its substance. 

@Oneagainatpeacetofly beautiful art can be viewed on Instagram.

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