3 Tips to Live by with Rockstar Coach Bri Morrison

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Bri Morrison is a young entrepreneur who is taking the coaching world by storm. Her passion for helping others start and grow their own online coaching business has allowed her to live a multiple-six-figure lifestyle. Her dedication to other’s success has empowered dozens of women to creating this business of their dreams. We recently got the opportunity to ask her some questions about her journey.

To achieve the level of success that Bri Morrison has at any point in an individual’s lifetime would be an incredible accomplishment. So, it’s almost all together unbelievable when you consider she has risen to the heights of her profession before the age of 30. Bri has gone from a small-town girl in Montana to an unstoppable force empowering woman across the country to take control of their dreams and achieve their goals.  These are her 3 tips quotes to live by.

1) Take Massive Messy Action…

Bri believes that people tend to think there is a “perfect time” to start something, so they delay their dreams. She says, “you have to stop trying to be perfect, and just dive-in and do it.” Bri helps her clients to understand the importance of taking action towards their goals and that incremental progress is progress. She helps them understand that messy is good and a key to building a successful business.

2) Be Bold, Be Clear, Be Confident…

Bri believes authenticity is a key component to success within any client-based business. She tells her clients to “stand-out and be you”. Bri helps each of her clients express their authentic message through their coaching business. Her programs put a strong emphasis on mindset training because she knows the importance of showing up powerfully within the coaching business.

3) Reprogram Your Mind to Redesign Your Life…

Bri believes that are responsible for creating our own version of reality. Due to this belief, she spends more time than many fitness coaches working with her clients on their mindset. Bri believes that showing up powerfully for others starts with feeling powerful within ourselves. Bri tells her clients that “it’s time to throw off the baggage and throw on the confidence.” She loves seeing her client’s transformations as they grow in their coaching journey.

Bri can be reached for comment on her Instagram @brimorrison, and for more information on her coaching and services, visit her website at


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