What is Whole Body Digital Twin Technology?

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On completing one year of working with Twin Health California, Dr. Ayush Chandra shares his experience and benefits of whole-body digital twin technology.

Dr. Ayush is the Founder and Director of Nivaran Health, Delhi NCR, and is currently working as a Senior Consultant Diabetologist with Twin, helping thousands of patients reverse their chronic diabetes. He has 12+ years of experience and has given over 10,000+ consults to date.  

Twin is an Artificial Intelligence-based Precision Health Management Platform for Indulgent Unique Metabolism. It is built from thousands of data points collected every day by the use of wearable sensors, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), fitness watches, and comprehensive blood tests. The Whole Body Twin provides personalized nutrition, sleep, activity, and breathing guidance. The Twin Research Team conducted the world’s first randomized controlled trial (RCT) and the data was also published in the American Diabetes Association Journal. They have published various other evidence-based research papers for various associations across the globe.

Diabetes Reversal is the treatment of the root cause of diabetes, which is damaged metabolism. In this one-year program, the initial focus is to normalize the sugar levels. Long-term symptoms are relieved, and oral medications, even insulin, are reduced. This phase is also known as “diabetic remission” in clinical terminology. In the second phase, emphasis is directly on metabolic damage parameters. The main cause of diabetes is insulin resistance, where a low amount of insulin can’t utilize the glucose to enter the cells and various parts of the body.

The excess sugar gets accumulated, causing hyperglycemia. Here in Twin, we work on the reduction of insulin resistance along with the regeneration of lost beta cells in the pancreas. Along with these, insulin sensitivity improves, cellular inflammation goes down, and other systemic parameters like obesity, blood pressure, kidney function, and lipid profile improve significantly. The last phase is monitoring, where a patient is monitored to see how he is maintaining sugar levels without medications. 

Twin also works on precision nutrition and minutely works on patients’ macro, micronutrients, and gut biota. With a team of world-class doctors, researchers, and health coaches, they are available 24×7 to help with dietary guidance, day-to-day evaluation, and emotional motivation.

All this helped to conclude that there is a big difference between traditional diabetes management and diabetes reversal. With the coming of AI, machine learning, virtual consultations, and various developments in diabetes technology, a whole new world is waiting to fight against this pandemic, and I am sure, just like thousands have reversed their diabetes on twins, many more can achieve the same. 

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