Sleep deprivation and heart disease may be caused by this popular drink.

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On a recent night, a group of middle-aged men was sipping espresso martinis in the Union Square Cafe. He went to the bartender as he was about to leave and stated, “I’m the designated driver.” Isn’t it a great drink to sip on the way to work? “It’ll keep you awake,” he said.

In a sense, Mr. Likely DWI Recipient is correct. Espresso martinis are everywhere, peppy, tasty, and bad for you and your health, but he’s just one of the many people who have succumbed to their allure.

The drink has multiplied like rodents in outdoor dining shelters during the last year. It’s everywhere – on the high and low, dusty and higher crusty, football and RuPaul.

Among the three “modern classics” on the menu at the two-Michelin-starred Modern ($19) and the more informal Southern-themed Hold, Fast on 46th Street ($15) is a caffeinated concoction known as a “modern classic.” As long as they have some stale Folgers and an old bottle of Kahla on hand, most bartenders will be happy to prepare you one.

Despite not having a coffee machine, one dive bar’s bartender informed me, “I receive at least one request for an espresso martini every night.” It was once a week a year ago.”

They’re a hit with everyone. Faux-sophisticates’ crack, available over-the-counter If you’re going to combine coffee liqueur and simple syrup with vodka, is there a worse time to do it than at 10:30 at night?

As a result of the epidemic, people’s sleep patterns have deteriorated dramatically. Melatonin sales allegedly increased by 42.6% in 2020, and 2.77 million people searched for “insomnia” on Google in the first half of that year.

Empire Elite Track Club sports dietician Amy Stephens advised that coffee may stay in your system for up to four hours and that liquor also makes it more difficult to fall asleep. A double whammy of falling asleep.

Caffeine should be avoided after three o’clock, she said. If you drink, you may not be able to fall asleep at night because of the effects of alcohol on your liver.

This may be a more difficult task than finding a two-bedroom apartment with in-unit laundry in the West Village with an excellent doctor to recommend the espresso martini:

Multiple espresso cups a day may “raise your heart rate and, at times, can be the reason for atrial fibrillation, anxiety, and despair,” cardiologist Dr. Johanna Contreras told The Post. Coffee may enhance the flavor of alcohol, so individuals may underestimate how much they’re drinking and end up ingesting more than they would have had they ordered a glass of wine instead.

Even a sip of red wine can make your pulse pound a little faster. According to research published in March in the journal JAMA Network Open, drinking raises your risk of cardiovascular disease in whichever quantity you partake in.

If you’d want to see even more drawbacks, I’m more than happy to These are yours! In comparison to a regular martini or a plain vodka soda, espresso martinis are much fattier due to the addition of sweets such as Kahla or simple syrup. A 200- to 300-calorie beverage is what you’ll get, Stephens added.

I bought two at Union Square Cafe this week in the cause of scientific investigation, following in the footsteps of previous patrons Ben Franklin and Marie Curie. It wasn’t long until I realized what Frankenstein’s monster felt like when the doctor turned on the electricity. “I AM ALIVE!”

You feel like you can accomplish anything… except that you can’t since you’re also inebriated after a late-night espresso shot. “The Mask” Jim Carrey and “The Simpsons” Barney Gumble are a perfect match.

Even though they’re delicious, you still get the excitement of pronouncing “martini.” Because it contains coffee, the EM has a velvety mouthfeel similar to a cold Frappuccino.

Also, after a few drinks, you’ll pass out in the club, be picked up by your enraged buddy, and awaken feeling like a horrible, polluted puddle in the middle of the street, all while wearing all of your clothes with the lights on.

According to Kate Moss, or maybe Naomi Campbell, the drink exists “to wake me up and then f—- me up,” and that’s what it does.

What’s wrong with you? Meh!


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