Harvard Certified Gyneac- Treated hundreds of Woman with her new approaches to Treat PCOD/PCOS

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For those with a creative bent of mind and knowledge to share, the sky’s the limit has been proven by Dr.Nikita nagar, an Harvard certified gynaecologist. Hers is a new-age success story from India that is making waves globally.

Dr. Nikita has earned immense popularity and built her personal brand famous online as Dr.Nikita Best gyneac , a moniker that this young and dynamic gyneacologist has rightfully earned by helping woman’s suffering because of Pcod,pcos.

We caught up with her recently for an interview, the excerpts of which bring out what really makes Dr. Nikita is more than just a brand.

Please tell our readers a bit about Dr.Nikita . “Gyneac” “Dr-nik”

Well, it is what my followers call me. It has a nice sound to it and uniquely identifies what I do and therefore, I took it up as my brand, which is thriving in the tele-health domain and growing rapidly in the space of gyneacology and womancare in India. I wished to make my brand Dr.Nikita, as friendly as it can be with an intention to be accessible to all my patients on a personal level. I am proud to confirm that my brand, Dr.Nikita, has helped thousands of patients from around the world to get rid of their PCOD/PCOS. The appreciation from them validates my belief in my brand and I am proud to have taken this uncharted path.

You built a global brand in 2020, a year that was tough for businesses worldwide because of the pandemic. How did you manage it?

I always wanted to help as many people possible with their Gyne and hair related issues. But I couldn’t step out of my home during the Covid-19-induced lockdown like everyone else and couldn’t see my patients. It was hard and I ended up giving them advice on the phone for hours every day. This really got me thinking. I realised that it is possible to help a large number of people without coming face to face with them. So, I came up with this idea of reaching out to more people online. I started our page on Instagram (dr.nikita nagar) with an aim to emerge as a decisive voice in the cluttered gyneac world and inspire and educate people about womancare and hair and skin care. There’s been no looking back since.

Everyone is trying their hands at social media but your online success story is unique. How did you make it happen?

I believe that it must be my willingness and openness to genuinely help people that has really worked for my brand. Woman who is suffering from Pcod/pics and hair related issues tried the recommendations I made openly on my Instagram and achieved extraordinary results. They started sharing their own success stories and gave the brand real visibility. The quality of our content and because it really helped people,Almost half of my followers are from all over the world. I sincerely believe that it is my followers who have helped me built this name exists, and has become a phenomenon, I will always be thankful for their love and support.

Where did you get the inspiration for the unique work that you’re doing?

Inspiration for my work stems from the fact that I, myself, have struggled for years with Pcod and the emotional turmoil it causes. This was the reason for my keen interest in gyneacology. Now, I am just trying to help others with my knowledge and experience so that they don’t have to suffer the way I did.

What exactly is it that your followers like so much about your brand?

I feel that it is because of the sheer amount and quality of free information that we share with people on Insta that has become so popular in real life.What they seem to appreciate the most is being empowered with the knowledge about nurturing their Life . I am happy to just be there for them!

What are Dr.Nikita plans for the future?

Dr. Nikita popularity in treating pcod led us to start our own online gyneacology consultation a few months back and today we have a waiting period of almost 10 days. I hope to be able to increase our capacity to offer more tele-consultations under the brand in the coming months. We’re also planning something big as a surprise for our audience. We are still in the R&D phase but are moving forward quickly. Our followers will be the first to know about this exciting news whenever we’re ready to break it.


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