Introvert leaders are proven to be one of the most important assets to a company. Generally speaking, introverts are assumed to be shy with limited interpersonal skills. But the practical world depicts a completely different picture. As a matter of fact, there are numerous examples of great introvert leaders such as Bill Gates, Marissa Mayer, Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk, Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg. Being an introvert helped all these leaders to better connect with employees, ensure customer satisfaction and enhance their business growth. 

Similarly, Sara Yahia is an introvert leader. Sara’s introverted personality has given her the edge to achieve success worldwide. Indeed, she attributes her success to her active listening and emotional intelligence skills which enhanced employee engagement as they didn’t feel any barrier in sharing their ideas. Sara exhibits common qualities with other introvert leaders which is considered as a superpower to excel in her field. These beneficial characteristics are: 

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Sara thoroughly analyzes the matter at hand before speaking up in order to clearly articulate her thoughts. She carefully chose her words, and she is able to clearly express herself in different languages. She prefers deep, effective, straight-forward and meaningful conversations. Nevertheless, she became comfortable dealing with big crowds. She is definitely approachable and friendly which makes her a genuine, sincere, and interesting interlocutor. 

ACTIVE LISTENING: Sara is an amazing listener which allows her to better understand her interlocutors’ point of views and help them solve conflicts while avoiding missing important information. It also enables her to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with her co-workers since she knows how difficult it can be to open up to others. 

LOYALTY: Sara is a very loyal, well-mannered and respectful individual who values meaningful connections. She is genuinely kind and fair, and she does not have energy for fake relationships. She has the peculiar ability to accurately determine someone emotional intelligence and personality after a 90 seconds in-depth scrutiny. Amazingly surprising! 

LONG TERM CHAMPION: Sara does not yearn for the limelight. She does not rely on short-term benefits just for the sake of enjoying glory. She focuses on the organization’s long-term and lasting positive impact. She is naturally observant and thoughtful. 

OUT OF THE BOX THINKER: Sara is known to be a deep thinker that stay quiet and grasp the situation at hand rather than giving an abrupt response. She thinks things through in a calm and collected manner in order to understand the root cause of a situation in order to take an assertive decision. This approach enables her to look beyond normal boundaries, think outside the box, and act upon it.

MANAGES CRISES CALMLY: Sara can find peace in chaos by relying on her inner peace to deal efficiently with high-pressure situations while maintaining a calm and decent posture. She finds motivation in challenging settings. These events do not stress her out. In the contrary, they increase her awareness and engagement. 

EMBRACES SUCCESS WITH GRACE: Sara has an inherent quality of being humble and prefer remaining private, rather than being loud on her success. I had the chance to meet her and I observed that she is a very decent woman with great character. 

In essence, being an introvert is seen as a weakness which is rather the strength of any leader. Sara is extremely gifted.  She is not afraid to go the extra mile to excel in her life. Such leaders believe in letting their success speaks for themselves.  


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