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I (Taimaz Etaati) came to a different mentality about fusion music, that was when I started working in the middle east violin with different modes from Asian countries in the violin dialect and introduced it to my electronic music, but since 2020 I have been working I made new ep albums in the field of combining oriental violin melody with electronic space.

Violin is taught in Iran in 2 styles.  classical and Iranian violin, I (Taimaz Etaati) am looking for innovation in the combined style of violin, and in these 2 years, we have composed different songs with different musicians, which have been released from various world-renowned labels for these years. 

I (Taimaz Etaati) am both a violinist, an electronic music arranger, and a DJ.

What is fusion music?

This music is the art of combining two different styles of music and creating a special and new style. 

There is no limit to the combination of different musical elements and it depends on your taste. western and eastern music styles or modern and traditional music can be included in one frame. 

Of course, not every composition can be called fusion music, because certain rules and principles, such as the harmony of instruments, govern the creation of fusion music, and work can be called a fusion when these principles have been observed in its creation. 

Iranian fusion music has its unique features and characteristics.  Combining the special structure of Iranian traditional music with other styles of music requires precision, elegance, and complete nobility to the structure of Iranian music and the style that is combined with Iranian music. 

Iranian Violin

The difference between Iranian and classical violin has caused different performances in playing.  performing Iranian music such as traditional music, Iranian songs, and ballads on this instrument is very beautiful.  people who are interested in Iranian style need to listen to a lot of Iranian music and learn at least one full round of Iranian violin strings in the right position. 

Classical Violin

Since violin making is a classic, a student must first learn it with the classical method and then turn to the Iranian method.  great masters such as master abolhassan saba followed the same path and after classically learning the violin, they performed Iranian music with it.  When a student learns to teach the violin classically, he can continue playing in any direction. 

Persian Violin and Classical Violin

In classically playing the violin, this instrument is always fixed and the western teaching method is used to teach it.  in the Iranian violin style, the method that is taught in the conservatory is used, and after its introductory training, the Iranian music is dealt with.  the violin uses a variety of tunes suggested by innovative artists and has been used for each specific tune.

The violin in classical music is always played with an orchestra or at least a piano.

In traditional Iranian music, the violin is mostly played as a solo instrument, which is used to compensate for the low noise as well as the ease of fingering different tunes. 

Electronic Music

Electronic music is one of the most popular genres in the world today, and contrary to popular belief, it is an age-old context that has evolved over many decades. 

Electronic music, as its name implies, is a type of music in which electronic instruments and digital technologies and facilities are used to create the work.  Finally, the main difference between electronic music and other music is the type of sound and its creation.

Nowadays, electronic music and electronic music education are an integral part of the art of music.  electronic music teaching has many fans all over this vast world.  and this has made the software for making electronic music not limited to specific software.  a variety of methods and software can be used to teach electronic music tuning. electronic style is a style of music that is made of digital and circuit-based instruments, as well as the latest technologies in the world, and the sounds produced in this type of music, are created solely using electronic science. 

One of my latest tracks “Flying in the dream”, which I had the pleasure of working on it with a dear friend of mine “PED1NE”, who also worked with me on my latest album “Red Face”, is a great example of how electronic sounds & instruments can make a great match together.


Surely all of you dear ones have heard the word DJ and this word (DJ) stands for disk jockey.  If we want to answer the concept of DJ or the question of DJ list in simple language, we must say that someone who re-performs pre-produced songs differently is called a DJ. 

A DJ is someone who chooses songs that have already been recorded on a disc and plays them in a different way to their intended audience. DJs are usually expected to have sufficient expertise in recognizing, selecting, and combining interesting songs. 

Iranian Traditional Music

Persian traditional music or Iranian traditional music, also known as Persian classical music or Iranian classical music, refers to the classical music of Iran. It consists of characteristics developed through the country’s classical, medieval, and contemporary eras.

Iranian music influenced the music of most parts of central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and Greece.  in addition, each of them played a role in shaping this music. Traditional Iranian music, as mentioned in the books, has influenced world music. 

You can combine these two types of music and create a new and special style that has many fans and becomes very beautiful and pleasant, but DJ tribe with Iranian music requires high skill and ability to produce new and beautiful music that people enjoy listening to. 

I (Taimaz Etaati) now want to make a little different sound by putting an acoustic sheet on my violin and making a new deep house album with a new sound. For future projects, I would like to support good pop voices around the world. I am interested in working with good singers.


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