Meet Big Kidd, the 23-Year-Old Australian Rapper With Vocals of Carnage

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When we saw the “Talkin Tuff” video by a 23-year-old unsigned Aussie rapper covered in tattoos, walking confidently and rapping about pulling up, we immediately reached out. It’s not every day after all, that we see a video with that kind of unrestrained intensity. Which is to say, the song sounds like prime Mike Tyson hitting you in the face with steel boxing gloves after being fuelled by some intense pre-workout.

Over video call, Big Kidd is a man of short and firm words. Which if you believe his story as told in music, is more of an executive choice than a confidential one. But we did find out some compelling info: He’s already collaborated with some heavy hitters in the rap world and ever since his video hit, the labels have definitely been calling. Which is hardly a shock.

Find out more about the mysterious future rap star in our exclusive interview.

Interview by FoxInterviewer

Where did the idea for the video come from?
Honestly, I hit up my camera guy and we came up with a location on the spot. The idea was simple, just walk through an old carpark. Sometimes the most simplest ideas are the best ones, no need to do any of that extra stuff to get your music across.

You have a very distinct look—the wolf tattoo right in the middle of your stomach. How did you come up with that look?
That’s just who I am, I wouldn’t say that I came up with a look, I’m just me. I’m about what I say in my music. If you listen properly then you’ll know I really mean everything I say.

How long have you been doing music?
If we talking professionally per se, I would say 3 years. If we talking about just messing around and making music for whatever, late 2013.

What type of music can we expect in the future?
Well, you know I don’t only make turnt up songs. I say what’s really going on in my head too, I express my feelings. To answer your question. All types, the same style though, you know? Just expressed in a different way, that’s why it’s called art.

Do you have a favorite rapper?
This question has always been a hard one for me. I swear to god my favourite artist changes like every week. Right now though, I would say Haystak.

Have you had many labels trying to get in touch with you since the release of your newer music, as well as your most popular record “Talkin Tuff”?
Heaps. They’re always up in my emails or hitting me up on Instagram trying to get in contact with me. Right now though, I actually just signed with a label. Unfortunately I cannot speak on anymore details this second.

What’s your lifestyle like, what do you involve yourself in?
You can listen to my music, I’m sure that’ll answer your question. I’m not gonna say much, I’ll let it speak for me.

What’s your next move, whats the next song going to be like?
It’s kinda like chess, you don’t want anybody to know your next move. You’re just going to have to wait and see. I got heaps of new stuff in the works and like I been telling people who ask, some of my best music is yet to come.

I see lots of tagged pictures of you on Instagram with your fans. How often do you get asked for pictures?
Somewhat often. It just depends on where I am, what area, city, suburb, the crowd etc. like if I’m out at a club or airport then yeah I usually get asked for a few pictures, but that’s cool. I don’t mind it, usually.

Where do you intend to take your music?
Honestly where ever it may go. Ima let it take itself, whatever happens, happens.

That was the exclusive interview with VIP rapper Big Kidd.


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