Playboy Model Shockingly Attempts to Bribe a Federal Agent to Release Felon Partner from Jail

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Shannon Teresa Marie Schwartz, a Playboy model, finds herself in hot water after being charged with bribery of a public official and obstruction of justice.

The charges stem from an alleged attempt to bribe a Department of Homeland Security federal agent to secure the release of her boyfriend, Wilhelm Lewis Huntzinger, from Honolulu’s Federal Detention Center.

Alleged Bribery Attempt

According to a federal criminal complaint filed on March 18, Schwartz is accused of offering $5,000 to a federal agent to persuade a judge to release Huntzinger from federal custody.

Huntzinger faces charges of being a felon in possession of 205 rounds of Remington .223-caliber ammunition.

Despite being informed by the agent that he could not assist in her boyfriend’s release, Schwartz allegedly continued to contact him. The agent initiated a formal investigation into Schwartz’s actions and eventually agreed to meet with her.

During a meeting on March 5, Schwartz purportedly offered the agent $5,000 to petition a judge for Huntzinger’s release.

She allegedly handed over $2,500 in cash during a subsequent meeting on March 7, with promises of additional payment to ensure Huntzinger would avoid jail time.

Following her arrest, the US Department of Justice sought to hold Schwartz without bail until her trial. However, Judge Rom A. Trader denied the request, and Schwartz was released on a $25,000 unsecured bond. She was also ordered not to communicate with Huntzinger.

If found guilty, Schwartz faces up to 15 years in federal prison for the alleged bribery attempt and up to one year for obstruction of justice, following federal law.

Background on Huntzinger’s Case

Huntzinger has been in custody since January 11, following an arrest by Honolulu police. The arrest stemmed from reports of Huntzinger carrying a pistol while knocking on the door of a house.

A subsequent police investigation uncovered a cache of weapons and illicit substances, including a “ghost gun” style AR-15 rifle, ammunition, and narcotics.

Prosecution’s Stance

In opposing Huntzinger’s request for pre-trial release, Special Assistant US Attorney Nicole Hudspeth cited Schwartz’s alleged willingness to bribe a federal agent in an attempt to manipulate court proceedings.

The case continues to unfold as both Schwartz and Huntzinger navigate legal proceedings in Honolulu’s Federal Detention Center.

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