Why Shopify is the excellent e-commerce platform to start your D2C growth and instigate your online presence.

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Pretty much gone are the days when brands used to focus only on their products or services but, contemporary days force brands to work on digital marketing, digital sales, retouching the customers for feedback. These are an additional part of the work after the traditional jobs like distributing, logistics & warehousing. 

D2C (Direct to customer) was in buzz for almost a decade during the 2010s, and perhaps the process has become faster during the Covid lockdown in India. However, many departments of work need to be done in unison for a Direct to customer (D2C) brand. To do so, Canada-based Shopify – an e-commerce platform for brands to operate their online stores.

“If there is a future proof to your business, it has to be the investments you make today in the digital & Shopify has been working with various MSMEs for years in India, understanding their need & progressing towards one platform which caters to all the requirements to start an e-commerce store online,” says sivakumar selvaraj, Ceo of Amwhiz media – a Shopify partner company in Chennai.

The covid lockdown has severe effects on all small businesses, especially not those businesses that weren’t in functional digital space. By which, we not only mean Social commerce that has its own potential, and people buying there have increased exponentially in the last three years, but we are addressing a much larger market that people have used for years – An e-Commerce website.

This is precisely where Shopify comes into the board picture with all the easily accessible plugins, prompt, responsive support systems & 1000s of themes to start our e-commerce store with. Shopify is developed for simplicity. Shopify is a major eCommerce platform comprehensively containing everything you need or look for in your eCommerce store. Shopify is constantly updating its features, releasing new apps, and ensuring it stays on top of all recent changes.

Now, the entrepreneurs are in the game, competing the giants, overcoming the technical limitations they used to face when ideating the D2C business. The process has become so much easier with these service partners like Razorpay, Shiprocket, PayTM, Stripe and Delhivery to say a few.

While Shopify is powering business in more than 160 countries, they have a strong presence in India, powering brands such as Boat, Nuch (by Anuskha), Raymonds, Blue Tokai, Nurserylive, John Jacobs and Wow Cosmetics to name a few. There is no doubt these brands had reached zeal for so many reasons. Shopify had a role in helping these organizations operate & grow their customer base across their own D2C website, online marketplaces & social networks.

Not to forget, businesses that run on good analysed data grow. Shopify analytics built within its platform that lets you produce statistics depending on the outcome of your store. High-level indicators including total shop sessions, number of sales, returning customers, and average order value are included in this report; these can be incredible resources to fuel your growth. Remember data means nothing without a good strategy!

“Shopify’s full-stack e-commerce solution had helped us create our own D2C e-commerce website, bringing our retail store online in no time, providing us room to think about marketing & execution. As a result, now has a good number of online customers for its cosmetic items,” says Prabu Dass, Co-Founder,, an online e-commerce cosmetic store based on Chennai.


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