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Working with some of the biggest brands in India, Media Trendz Founder Rohit Kumar knows how to make an impression in the highly-competitive Indian marketplace. Rohit started his career as a journalist at India’s biggest news channel, NDTV, and quickly climbed the success ladder with brands like News24 one of the most respected news channels in India. Rohit eventually made the leap from journalism to entrepreneurship, founding Media Trendz , a 360 degree advertising agency specializing in digital media marketing in New Delhi, India.

Who we are?
Media Trendz is an emerging new-age digital agency based in Delhi. Founded by journalist turned entrepreneur Rohit Kumar, Media Trendz is a full service communications agency specializing in branding, PR and influencer marketing. Media Trendz supports various brands by managing media relations and providing strategic public relations counsel for their businesses across the Country. 

Why we started?
Journalist Turned Entrepreneur is a common question people ask when they find out I’m a journalist turned entrepreneur. The reason we started Media Trendz is because we recognized that despite India being such a large market for advertising & media buying, there was no one place where companies and brands could get an accurate idea of what works in digital marketing and which ad networks and publishers were best for their campaigns. So we decided to fill that gap and created Media Trendz as a resource for brands & businesses looking for growth.  

What do we do?
Media Trendz is a pioneering digital media services firm based in New Delhi. We work across multiple media channels including print, outdoor, digital and social media marketing. Our services cover both domestic and international business requirements of global clients. Media Trendz has been rated as one of fastest growing digital agencies by leading publications. The agency handles an impressive list of clients from various sectors including e-commerce, healthcare, real estate & education. Media Trendz’s team possesses unparalleled exposure in current media industry trends. The exposure comes from having worked at prestigious advertising firms and allows us to quickly create and integrate market-specific strategies for each client we serve. 

How do we do things?

At Media Trendz we do things a little differently. In a world where churn and burn is business as usual for most agencies, how does one survive in today’s highly competitive industry? It’s simple: We have been able to sustain ourselves by not playing by others’ rules. Our founder Rohit Kumar refuses to play by other people’s rules. He was a journalist before he became an entrepreneur and there is no stopping him from disrupting other areas in his domain of operations.


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