Top 10 reasons to choose Wolf lifts for your building- Home lift Manufacturers.

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  1. Premium manufacturer of elevators: Wolf lifts is a premium supplier of lifts. The company has over three decades of experience in the vertical transportation industry. Their dedicated and skilled workforce is capable of handling complicated projects. The company has a live elevator display centre & in-house innovation centre, which operates round the clock to improve customer experience.
  • Structure lifts in DDA/ Grouphousing apartmentsWolf lifts is a number one DDA structure lift company, providing a one-stop hassle-free experience for installation of Lift in DDA/CGHS/GH apartments. They offer complete consultations to obtaining NOC, building structure, and lift installation. Their team comprises of Architects, Structural Engineers, Civil engineers, who have a collective experience of more than 25 years. Furthermore, Wolf lifts have delivered structure lift projects in DDA flats all over Delhi, such as DDA flats pocket C Sarita Vihar, Parwana apartments Mayur vihar, DDA flats Vasant Kunj, pocket D7, pocket D2, Mandakini enclave Greater Kailash-2, Keshav Puram DDA flats. 
  • Diverse technologies on offerWolf lifts have expertise in all kinds of elevator technologies such as MRL(Machine room-less) technology, hydraulic technology Machine room technology. Their lifts provide a robust combination of unparalleled precision and ride comfort in a class of their own.
  • Maintenance-free lifts: The elevators supplied by wolf lifts have a meager maintenance cost as compared to Schindler, Otis, Kone. On an average, the customer saves up to 70 percent on maintenance costs with Wolf Lifts.
  •  Zero Major breakdown record: The company maintains a quality-centric focus. Furthermore, it boasts a zero-major-breakdown record. There have been incidents of life taking failures, but Wolf lifts have a proven and clean track record when it comes to safety. Elevators supplied by Wolf lifts are entirely safe with Automatic Rescue device and Overload as standard.
  •  Cost-effective & comfortable: Wolf lifts policies are customer-centric. Hence they keep innovating and introduce technologies to optimize the user experience. One such example is their auto-shaft reading tool which optimizes shaft utilization. This tool not only saves cost & space but also offers Silent & Jerk free rides. 
  • Live Elevator display CentreWolf lifts has state of the art live elevator display centre which houses live elevators and the components to educate its customers, including builders, architects, interior designers. It is especially very informative for people constructing their homes.
  • Customize, visualize & design: From small to huge, they have perfect solutions for all sorts of buildings. The company offers jaw-dropping designs for elevator cars as well as panels and buttons, which give you options to customize your elevator according to your home interiors at no extra cost.
  • Pitless-space optimizer lifts: Wolf lifts offer pitless lifts which can be installed in very small sizes, which are ideal for buildings with space availability issues.
  1. Giving back to society: The company believes in inclusive growth. Therefore, they have pledged to support the education of an underprivileged girl child for every lift sold. Furthermore,  company’s representative Mr Himanshu Mann,  ( A MBA graduate from the University of London) started a campaign to help senior citizens to get NOC for lift installation in DDA apartments, which was applauded by the Mayor of North MCD, Sh Jai Prakash. The company also offers free training sessions to youth keen to make a career in the elevator industry. 

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