This young business talent enthrals the world with his sharp-witted sports predictions.

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He owns Conseils Yulpronos Inc in Canada, his multi-million-dollar company, which is today a premier sports betting analytics company.

The level of success certain industries today has earned across the world is something that has turned people’s attention towards the resilience and hard work of the many young minds behind them. These youngsters have been going all out to prove their mettle in their industries and show the world that anything can be made attainable at any stage in life, only if individuals make sure to cross boundaries and surrender themselves to their goals and visions to achieve the same with their relentless drive and determination. We came to learn about one such young professional who has taken over the sports prediction industry and has made a unique niche for himself already as a 21-year-old.

Wondering who this young talent is? Let us tell you that he was fascinated by the world of sports from a very early age, and on top of that, when he saw others gambling for sports on TV, earning incredible amounts of money, he knew what he wanted to do. Hence, in the beginning, he started small by betting with his friends for soccer games and went ahead to win most of the time. His success can be attributed to the phenomenal instincts he has had over the years for these games, which even saw his friends offering them a part of their winnings for taking his astute recommendations.

Talking about his journey, he says at 17 years of age, he studied data analytics and learned from McGill University course called ‘Foundations of Decision Analytics’. Increasing his knowledge over the years, he passionately moved ahead with his predictions in the world of sports, which helped him start his own company named Conseils Yulpronos Inc, Quebec’s that went on to become the #1 sports betting analytics company. Today, this 21-year-old is a prominent personality on social media platforms, where he also collaborates with various Canadian celebrities, thanks to his guts, powerful instincts and knowledge in the field. He is also seen as an important asset to various gambling websites. At such a young age, with his company in Canada, this young talent is pushing boundaries and inspiring many other budding talents in the industry in ways more than one.

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